Is Mosca correct in "coaching" our players ?

If its so absurd, why bother to comment? :smiley:

Paul: "Hall of Famers" and "Living Legends" are simply very ordinary fans following their careers. They have every
right to be idolized for their pasts, and should be, but once they hang up the cleats, they are the same as you and me.

Contrary to your submission, anyone can give advice, not just people like Mosca. We all have that right, albeit, Mosca
would certainly know more than any of us.

If you haven't noticed a difference in Jimenez' play since his major infraction, you need to remove the blinders. :o

Dunno, maybe the idea of "bother" past head-shaking is absurd too? LOL :wink:

Opinions fall or rise on their own merit, not just who the source is. The playing resume of some does act as a Q-Tip when ears are perked up though, I would think.

I think it is good to be clear that having input from former players is a good thing for current ones. The traditions of this league need to be preserved and extended whenever possible.

Oski Wee Wee,