Is Morris Gone?

A needless face masking penalty that caused Dressler's critical return to be negated. Failing to catch the final punt which caused him to give up a point creating a situation where it would require two possessions to get the win. Ken Miller cut Casey McGahee for a single error! What will be the fate of Eric Morris?

While many are focused on the punt single and the poor return yardage, I think the face-mask was the most serious lapse by Morris. The punt was a bad bounce, and he can learn from that mistake. The returns are a team thing. Somebody needs to block before the return game is going anywhere. But the face-mask was just a brain cramp, and is unacceptable. But you don't cut a guy for mistakes. you challenge them to be better, play smarter, and then see how they respond.
I think cutting McGahee may have been a mistake, but decisions must be made after the exhibition season and sometimes teams do make mistakes. To soon to write off Morris, but he and every ST player needs to get better.

Actually, if you watch the replay his hand was on the helmet but was not touching the face mask. The ref called it because the montreal player told him to, at least that's what it looked like in the replay. Either way, he put himself in that position I guess.

Wow that's news to me; a player can tell a ref to call a penalty, and the ref will do so?