Is Montreal that good or BC that bad?

MTL 32 - BC 3 with 2:22 left in the first half...

Montreal is shredding BC...

So... are the Al's that good or are the Lions that bad?

One thing I know for certain is Montreal fans are bad - a thousand empty seats (in a 25,000-seat stadium) for the back-to-back champ's home opener.

its actually 24-10

I think your scoreboard zigged when it should've zagged.

Montreal is THAT good.
BC is THAT bad.

I was thinking the same thing!

Back to Back Grey Cups and they can't sell out their tiny stadium for a home/season opener?

It was the same in Calgary years back... (the one where Prefonatain was punched by one of his recievers on the side lines)... I went to that home opener and it was DEAD. I though Calgary had much better fans... wrong.

So much for my first pick on the Rona CFL Pool. (Right team, but way off on points.)

Did BC forget it's not pre-season anymore? Did the leave their first string defence at home?

Ac is that good if he doing this what will do our DB's Scarry

Don't forget Montreal was a few thousand short of a sellout when they hosted the Grey Cup with the Als in the big game. Granted, the Big Owe is a large stadium, but a lot of those GC tickets were reserved (and sold) to fans from other cities, so I look at this as another black mark on Montreal football fans.

That last pass by Lulay, almost picked off by Cox, looked horrible. Almost an end-over-ender.

looks like empty seats in Molson Stadium....the Als run is over!

We need to get that Tim Brown guy. To add to our collection of Browns.

I think Caretaker would rather have a full house than four of a kind.

And we'd be adding another good KR as well. That return for the TD made the game more interesting.

30-20 MTL after three quarters. Not quite turning out being the blowout it looked like it was going to be earlier.

30-23 MTL after McCallum is good from 39.

Great way to start the season :thup:

And Cox gets his first (of many) penalty of the year.

He's still awesome.

Looks like the Als aren't nearly as dangerous as they started off.

Now that the game has gone past 10:30 it's available on NFL network in Canada.
I was wondering if that would happen.

And those watching it may see an interesting finish.

30-26 MTL, 1:43 left as McCallum gets FG. 3rd and 5, they choose to kick FG. Turns out that Als choosing not to concede safety before then was the right call.

And it looked like there'd be a chance that CFL season opener would go into OT again. Too bad it won't.