Is Montreal in the Grey Cup?

I know a lot of people are thinking the Grey Cup coverage is good, but I can't help but get annoyed how its all about Saskatchewan. I've been watching almost all day, I looked away the odd times, but its been about Saskatchewan for about 90% of the time I've been watching.

I just watched Glen Suitor and the Panel describe what the Riders should of done instead on the Goal Line Stand by the Als, instead of saying what the Als did right.

Just annoying, I got the itch for Football!! I just wish there was just a little more about the Als.

But its not only TSN, RDS isn't even showing anything.

GO ALS! :rockin:

....ever read Lord of the Rings?...remember how Tolkien first introduced Aragorn?....the Als have been like that all week....dark, quiet and sitting at the back of the bar, shhhhhhhh, dont' look at us until it's too late....

That's funny, red.

The Montreal coverage does seem to be a bit spotty... But I did see a few good things. They had a recap of the East Final, which I thought was good, and they discussed the dominant Montreal D. Burris just interviewed both QBs.

Fair enough.

I must be Hallucinating, everything I see is Green, because it feels like thats the only color I've seen in the past 4 hours 8)

If Montreal wins, I hope they don't show a bit on how great of a season the Riders and Durant had instead of the celebration:twisted: lol

What I find odd is the lack of fans from other teams. I've seen a few Als fans scattered around, and there was a small group of Ti-Cats fans, as well as two Stamps fans wrestling, but that's all I've seen. I've yet to see any fans from Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, or B.C.

I remember when I watched the Grey Cup in Montreal, I saw all kinds of fans from around the league.

most people dont weant to go to the same game as riders fans. im not tryin to be rude, its just recent fact. many stamps fan give there tickets away to riderrs fans on game day.

hey im a reider fan and the media is trying to pump up the underdog because they, like us know we are going up against the biggest football power in the league we could get totally slammed thats what everyone has been thinking but the last time we played our boys showed up , lost but played damn good.I hope our guys give you the same run again but the media needs to realize this is the battle of the cfls best.

Trestman won’t need a big pre game speech. He can just turn on TSN and show the boys the SK love in !

That's what I've been told by friends in Calgary. Stamps players even sold their tickets. No one wants any part of that mob.

Is it really that bad...? :expressionless: :lol:

Hey when you get suckers to pay 750.00 per for end zone tickets can't blame them. I'd be sitting at home with a cold one laughing my arz off too.

i tell ya their entire fan base has stood squarely behind burris everything he has ever said to get a rise out of rider fans is exactly how they think I knew they would be dumping their tickets because they cant stand sitting next to us neanderthalls they would rather not even bethere to chear on montreal because they would have to accnowledge the riders were actually there.