Is MLSE ashamed of the Argos?

The press conference of the firing of Trestman, which I am fine with, typifies the problems of MLSE and their distance from the Argonauts. The club president sitting there wearing red and nothing about him identifies him with Argos. No hat or tie or lapel pin, nothing. Just like all the MLSE staff at BMO, and the Sctoiabank Arena, no identification with Argonauts. Every other team logo is on the employee uniforms but no reference the poor old Argos. Is the guy just ashamed to put on a piece of clothing with the logo on it? As a season ticket holder I’ve brought up this optic issue several times, and every time get the stock answer, working on it but it takes time.

Interesting Tailgater. Remember, Toronto is a weird city with how they view their own history, U of Toronto people seem to think gridiron is “barbaric” despite the rich history of Varsity and Canadian football at Varsity etc.

Toronto and gridiron in any respect seems to be a “disconnect” as they say but how to make any logical sense of this is anyone’s guess. Really weird and your post typifies it to a tee.

I mean look at the Argos, they had great local owners in Cynamon and Sokowlowski, locals well connected to the community, but they were punted to the sidelines as “irrelevant” in so many respects. Just totally bat…it wierd. I still can’t get my head around that one.

But as I say, this is Toronto, a whole different gestalt to what we call “normal Canada”. The normal rules of behaviour and respect etc. don’t seem to apply to what Toronto has “become” as they say.

Is it MLSE that is ashamed of the Argonauts and their rich history in the city or is it the city itself, of Toronto, that is ashamed in some way of the Argonauts and their rich history in the city? Or a combination of both? Who the f… knows.

C and S were embraced and the crowds were great when they started they went down the tube after they stopped going after a new stadium and stayed at Rogers without exclusive use for all football at the stadium .

TFC’s gain is the Argos loss as they embraced the new stadium .

Write them and mention it.

Is Trestman’s contract guaranteed?

C and S were embraced and the crowds were great when they started they went down the tube [b]after they stopped going after a new stadium[/b] and stayed at Rogers without exclusive use for all football at the stadium .
Bingo Hank, you nailed it. That showed they were afraid to compete with Rogers, and perhaps for good reason going dollar to dollar with Rogers and how it seems Rogers was going to land the Bills, if I was in C & S's shoes, I probably would have buckled at the knees like they did as well.

Is MLSE ashamed on the Argos?

Considering they made a swift decision for change after a disasterous season where the players were clearly tuning the coach out. Yes, they are ashamed of the product to the point where they pulled the trigger ASAP.

Are people concerned that Manning isn’t wearing Argos blue at the presser? So that means he doesn’t care?

Unlike the previous president Mr. Copeland who was a lifelong fan of the double blue yet when he had a similar disaster season come to and end 2 years ago. He was a deer caught in headlights in comparison, waiting months only to fire then GM Barker leaving lame duck Milanovich hanging around like a lame duck before ejecting himself to Jacksonville. Only then did ownership take charge to pick up the pieces getting the guys in to lead to a surprise Grey Cup.

Tough decisions had to be made today but if people want Argo pom poms running the team instead of ones with experience in the sports and entertainment industry especially in this market. I know who I’d rather go with.

C & S had the heart to own the team but they didn’t have the cash. Way under capitalized. David Braley had to loan them the money to buy the team even at the fire sale price. Coming up with their part of the new stadium ($20-25 million) was never going to happen. Their pockets were not that deep and I imagine finding a lender for that amount was a problem. Rogers rent free situation was their only option even though they knew it was terrible for the long term. That plus the very real chance that Rogers was going to land the Bills made it not worth the gamble.

Well said.

You would think even a normal reasonable lease would include exclusive rights to all football played at the stadium .

But as you said they're beggars and not choosers . They were shown to be posers only being propped up by Braley and yet another shot at the CFL as not professional . Free lease was not really free when it damages your reputation in the end .

Then Braley owning both teams in two of the major markets at once ; plus getting two Grey Cups was not looking too good from the outside looking in for those wanting to shoot down the CFL .

It was just bad timing and such when C&S bought the Argos, bad for them, the team and the league.

Decent game tonight with the Als squeaking out a win over the Cats, Cats could have won it at the end with a fg from the 48 think it was. Entertaining game, better than the Leafs-Pens game, Pens didn’t show up in this one. Was flipping between the two.

Brendan Shanahan and Masai Ujiri do not wear team colours or hats or lapel pins during their news conferences. This does not strike me as worth getting worked up over.


I’m reasonably sure that most professional team presidents don’t wear their team’s jersey, hat, or lapel pin at news conferences.

but but maybe they should

I think I would.

At last week’s TFC press conference Manning wore double blue (dark blue jacket and light blue shirt). The GM wore a gray jacket and white shirt. Only thing red on them was a Nov 11 poppy. It means nothing.

MLSE wants the NFL
NFL won’t move into CFL territory
MLSE will not get the NFL if the CFL(Argos) is still in TOR
If MSLE can eliminate the Argos in the next 10 years or so,
then and only then
MLSE punches their NFL ticket at skydump.

MLSE has no love for the Argos, they never have

MLSE/Rogers Sportsnet sees the Argos as a little bump in the road to the NFL

MLSE punches their NFL ticket at skydump.
The NFL won't put a team in the RC if the Jays are still playing there. The days of the NFL expanding or moving an existing team to a baseball stadium are over.

I’m not an Argos fan and I’m ashamed of the Argos lol…

At least the ARGOS have not FOLDED 2 TIMES like Ottawa , has.
Regadless of the ARGOS attendance problems now NOW other CFL team has won more GREY CUPS , including the 1st GREY CUP [1909] and the 100th GREY CUP. What I am ashamed of is the TORONTO SUN , the gullible Toronto football fans and ROGERS. Did any other CFL cities’ MEDIA constanly put down the CFL? Did any other CFL cities’ owners try to buy a NFL team for their city? Did any other CFL city have an NFL Series in their own back yard? Every bar in Toronto has NFL nights. Not because the NFL is more popular here but because Toronto BARS’ think it is. GEZZZZ…I wonder where they got that idea???
I am ashamed of my own city for those reasons and some others. I am still proud of the ARGOS for being the oldest team of any sport in Canada and for winning no matter what was against them.

Stores that sell sports jerseys also mistakenly believe that the NFL is more popular. As do all the people who run office NFL pools. Funny how they all get it so wrong.