Is MLS real competition to CFL?

NO, i have seen and heard this all before. Toronto Blizzard had 40,000 to 50,000 for some games. Talk was how soccer will over take football, due to all the immigrants communities and the like. That was back in the 1970 early 80. We have been here before and will again, when the MLS morph's in to something else of even a lower league then it is now, in 10 years. Talk to me about MLS TV ratings after the novelty of the first few games for Montreal is over. They will be back around 80,000 to 100,000 again, which is cra@ for the CBC

It won't be crap ratings for CBC because TSN is now the official broadcaster of MLS in Canada.

Don’t be surprised if TSN does for MLS what it did for the CFL - namely strengthen it and produce good (if not great) tv ratings with excellent coverage. I doubt MLS popularity on TV will be anywhere near what it is for the CFL any time soon (we’re talking about soccer after all), but expect much better ratings than it gets now.

TSN doesn't really give much time to MLS. Even if you look at their broadcasts, you can tell it's not very high on their priorities. But probably good airtime content for midday Saturday games, which most of them are.

Mls will be relegated to tsn2

I wish all the success to MLS, well the Canadian teams in the league anyways. Any fan that was a fan of the CFL and then decided to ditch the CFL and switch just to MLS as their sole form of football really wasn't a big Canadian gridiron fan to begin with.
When you get hooked on what gridiron is about, you're hooked especially the contact and physical nature of the game. There could be a stadium full of fans or no fans in the stadium, you watch because you love gridiron.

thats because of the growth and popularity of the business of sports

if Canada had created a baseball league and a pro soccer league back around the 1900's to 1920's they may still be around, but sports have become a huge game since the 1940's, and now it's all about money and Canada's largest markets will piggyback the USA for that reason

its not without trying

pro all canadian baseball flopped 2003 and didn't even finish the season

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pro all canadian soccer flopped 1987 -1992

Please. TSN gives the MLS roughly the same respect that ESPN gives hockey. It's only a matter of time before it drops off the face of the Earth for the simple reason that they fancy themselves to be better than they are....

I don’t think the MLS is looking at more teams in Canada past the 3 now so that won’t make it as national in Canada as the NHL or the CFL. Better than the Blue Jays though from a national perspective. At $100 mill for a 2nd NY team, that will make it a difficult benchmark for would-be owners in smaller markets.

I'll agree with this, and not just because I don't think you'll find an owner in Canada who would be willing to pony up that amount for an MLS team. MLS is at the point where the league really is only going to be able to add maybe one more team without making it into more of a scheduling a nightmare. It already doesn't scale right with the world cup and likely never will as playing Soccer from Fall to Spring is suicide given both the weather in North America and the direct competition with the NFL, NBA and NHL in the States. It can get away with just competing with MLB and the CFL, but the NFL is one bull that you don't want to grab by the horns. The only way they can really expand is if they finally man up, absorb the NASL and introduce promotion/relegation. However, that's not likely to go over very well with their existing markets or with a salary cap system.

I do think it will become more popular eventually, but I just don't see much more expansion from MLS. Relocations maybe, but expansion, no.

The only way they can really expand is if they finally man up, absorb the NASL and introduce promotion/relegation.

True but if they are gung ho on the $100 mill NY thing, I would think something as you say here is not a priority at all. I mean the MLS doesn't really need to think about nationalism or that either side of the border, not what it is about.

Maybe check again with them on just which soccer and teams they love? I'd wager they are spending most of their time watching European teams, including especially the Italians like me for our Serie A.

Everywhere I have lived in the US since 1994 when I left my home state of Indiana out of college, any soccer fans I meet at any given pick up game basically are in one of these two groups:

  1. Mexicans who cheer for their favourite Mexican teams and also watch European action especially any more with English or Spanish league teams.

  2. Every other nationality who watches only the latter and could give a rip about the Mexican league. Until recently Serie A in the Italian league was at the highest level of play, but it has dropped off the last few years to the best teams in England and Barcelona and Real Madrid out of Spain. A high level of play is retained by a few teams in all the major leagues in Europe though.

I think I see perhaps one MLS jersey per year on any given player's back. Maybe they bought it on sale too. The rest of us are all wearing mostly jerseys from any given European team where the best ball is played and has been for decades.

Now they show the MLS action on NBC Sports Network after even ESPN did not want it on ESPN2 at times after subsidizing it for years.

I can't imagine anyone who cared before cares near as much.

If it weren't for the LA Galaxy signing Beckham a few years ago, you would hardly be hearing at all about the MLS any more for that matter.

But the MLS gives the "soccer fan" in NA a chance to go to the stadium, whatever the skill set, and chant and toss ribbons and sway back and forth as part of the culture of soccer they know and do what they have to do to make themselves feel like a real soccer fan, for a league that is "major", well calls itself that in any respect. Whatever then, it works and I can buy that, if I was a soccer fan and only liked Madrid or whatever, can't attend them and TV stuff is just neon, MLS works then for the experience. I don't fault them on that.

Yes though note Earl when some of the wealthy European and other teams tour North America in the summer, let alone certain international tournament games, attendance is almost always far greater than for any MLS game including in Seattle.

The experience you reference is at hand in only a minority of MLS stadiums too.

As far as I know, fans carry on like that only in Seattle, Portland, and surprisingly Philadelphia.

I'm not sure how the scene is in that regard with your three teams up there, but I suppose you all are referencing the scene at least in Toronto.

There are only about 6 markets where the MLS is really thriving: the Cascadia region (Seattle, Portland, Vancouver), LA, Toronto and Philly. One could make a case for the NY Red Bulls too, but that market is so large that you could probably get 15,000 for a game of pick-up tiddlywinks if you marketed it right. Montreal should be a good market too.

Of the aforementioned 6 markets, I'd deem only Seattle and Portland as 'rabid.' I'm never sure if some of the supporters groups in Vancouver and Toronto are really living and dying by their club, or just like the tribal feeling of 'belonging' to a group. Yes, they try very hard to create an "atmosphere," but a lot of it seems very forced to me....who can come up with the most clever chant, "look at us as we march to the stadium" (Vancouver), and "aren't we cute for throwing streamers on the pitch + interfering with the corner kick" (Toronto) etc.

There are A LOT of empty seats at BMO field today, and it looks like they’re having beautiful weather too…

Attendance of 18944 according to what I have read.

It's forced no question rhymes or so it seems to me as someone who doesn't understand soccer but if turns their crank that gets them excited into the ribbons, chanting hugging thing, well good on them, they are having fun for a sport they love, that's ok really, not for me since I don't really get the soccer culture thing but that's not the issue really.

The whole TFC thing is merely about the party.... I really don't think many fans actually care about the performance of the team... The TV numbers prove this

Well Canada lost to Mexico, no Olympics for our soccer team which is too bad really.