Is MLS real competition to CFL?

Is Major League Soccer real competition to the CFL for sports fans dollars and sports TV revenue? The opening month of MLS saw the Montreal Impact draw 58,912 for a game against the Chicago Fire and Toronto FC drew 47,658 for a match against the LA Galaxy (knowing Toronto that really surprises me). The Vancouver Whitecaps also sold out their first match of the season drawing 21,000. I know the attendance will be much lower when Montreal and Toronto begin play in their smaller soccer specific stadiums, but still those are outstanding numbers. The TV numbers were pretty good also. Is soccer/MLS a threat to become the number 2 sport in Canada? I hope the CFL BOG takes notices of these numbers and starts to get a little more aggressive about promoting the league. I guarantee the MLS teams will not be resting on their laurels.

In Toronto that game had BECKEM [sp] playing. He is a huge draw any where.
Yes , soccer is big every where and in T.O. they are owned by ROGERS , BELL , ect...
They sell out every game , however , they are using The LEAFS money making formula.
Make lots of money by paying low amounts of salaries for second rate players as long as every game sells out.
In this case it may not last as long as The LEAFS have but the have a waiting list for season tickets.. T.O. and Montreal are hockey towns , however , soccer is the latest thing.
Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world and more Canadians kids are playing soccer than they are playing hockey.
The CBC is happy because they get very good T.V. ratings for FC games after losing the CFL.

It is the same thing [not just in , Toronto] in ,
Montreal and Vancouver which have LOTS of PRO sports and other entertainment to choose from.

I don't know why SOME people don't get that?
Some CFL markets are a harder sell than other CFL markets.

the above is what you call 'uninformed opinion'. :roll:

And what is your informed opinion?

The CBC gets very good T.V. ratings for showing soccer games.

But you are right. The CBC is mad because they get good T.V. ratings from showing soccer games and HUGE ratings from showing NHL games. What was I thinking? :lol:

The MLS is becoming popular no question but I think the fanbase for the Argos and TFC is separate for the most part. Another question though is how will TFC popularity affect the NFL apsirations in Toronto, if they do have any any longer after the Bills in Toronto affair? I mean tickets for TFC games would be cheaper than the NFL. I would think the NFL would be a bit more timid now as well with this soccer surge of popularity in Toronto, popular in Vancouer and Montreal as well as we see.

That being said I think in some ways showing people having fun at MLS games in Canada does help the CFL in some ways, it sort of gets me excited to be at a game I love, Canadian gridiron, and enjoying myself. Blue Jay games do as well get me excited for the CFL season to start.

I agree , this whole thing could be just fashionable every where?
I believe that the NFL in T.O. is a dead issue after the latest BILLS disaster and the comments made by GOD himself [NFL Commish.] before the last Superbowl.

The NFL would have already looked at the actual paid attendance for ALL NFL games in T.O. and in Vancouver.
Cities like TOKYO , MEXICO and LONDON have much better records buying NFL tickets than Canada does.
They would have looked at the long term support for other PRO teams like the JAYS [the next , EXPOS?]
They would also look at support and the T.V. ratings for T.O.s own PRO football team.
I don't think that the NFL sees MLS as major league.

I think it's the culture of the game rather than the game itself in North America for the soccer fan whereby they can stand and sway back and forth and sing during the games with ribbons and scarfs that the soccer fan loves or is intriguing for the newbie "fan" and is charismatic if you will, or has an evangelical feel to what the fans feel, I don't know, trying to find the right word here. An attraction. It does look fun on TV I will say for the people there.

That makes perfect sense. Lets hope that fans don't start fighting in the stands... :lol:

As for more kids in Canada playing the game. It is hard for both hockey and football to compete with soccer because it is a vastly cheaper sport. All you need is a soccer ball and you don't even need shoes to play it.
Hockey and football stuff is very expensive and there are not as many major injuries.

I will stick with CFL football.

The CFL's major advantage is it's strong fan base and it's years of history.

Yes sadargofan, it's not something I feel lured or compelled to get into, I would feel like a phony fan if I went to a soccer match. As long as the CFL exists in my city or close to a city I live it, that's where I fit in as well, where I want to fin it actually.

But I'm happy for the soccer fan in NA that they have a high level of soccer that they can attend and have fun at, that's ok in my books.

One other thing that makes soccer popular in the T.O. area is that there are about 1 million Greek and Italian Canadians leaving there. They seem to love their soccer.

it has been posted many many times, that, the CBC is not happy with the low tv ratings that they get for mls/tfc and that they will not renew the tv deal when it comes time.
also, the tv ratings for tfc games on cbc have been posted many many times, and they are brutal numbers. if you think 60,000 viewers is good and cbc is happy with that, then you are either insane or uninformed.

I am sure the enthusiasm will drop off, but the TV numbers were good for the first game of the season between Montreal and Vancouver. An audience of 541,000 (288,000 on TSN and 253,000 on RDS) set a record for soccer on Canadian TV. I am sure the next Montreal-San Jose (or some other non-Los Angeles Galaxy team) game will have much smaller numbers. Still, anything that adds to the Toronto-Montreal sports rivalry has to be a good thing.

Maybe this has been stated already but a point to make is. It’s our OFFSEASON. Of course the occassional CFL fan will spend money to go to a Soccer game. Maybe because they enjoy the game (snooze-fest IMHO) maybe they just want to get drunk and have a night out with friends. MY bet is that Football stays No.2 in Canada (not without a bit of a fight). But yes they need to up the PR on the CFL. How else would a league expect to grow?

No. It's growing for sure but lets face facts. The impact were playing in their first game of mls. Lets wait and see what they get later. Tfc was playing to a 'star' team in the biggest match of their history and the whitecaps have actually declined in season tickets this year. Tsn set a tv record last week for mls and it was still lower than pretty well any cfl ratings.

Mls is doing good, but it's not going to overtake the cfl.

MLS will continue to grow in our country, if only because of how multicultral and how much immigration has happened in our country over the last 25 years or so. That being said, it's not quite in the posistion to challenge to CFL, and frankly I don't think it will be any time soon, as there is a severe lack of mens soccer development in our country and the European leagues are always looking to snap of talent as they have no cap. Until you see an honest 2nd division show up in Canada and start to fill out (which would tell me that we are producing a large number of pro players, albiet perhaps not Elite players) it's not going to be an honest competitor.

That being said, there is always the idea that MLS will continue to tank in the States and Canada might be left with having to create it's own division 1 league, like every other country on the planet.

MLS is absolutely no competition for our CFL.
5th division quality soccer versus the most entertaining sport around.
TV numbers which are worse then infomercial, no way.
Why is this even a thread, I guess it is the off season indeed.

This I might get behind. My biggest pet peeve in Canadian sports is that (with the obvious exception of the CFL) we always piggyback the American leagues.

Me as well joedav.

Any form of Professional Sports in the city of Toronto is in "direct" competition with the Toronto Argonaunts.

Any form of Entertainment in the city of Toronto is "indirect" competition.

I have co-workers who are both casual MLS and CFL fans. Before MLS came to town, they would go to 2-3 Argo games a year. Now that MLS is in the equasion, they go to 1-2 Argo games a year and 1-2 MLS games a year.

Just because another sports franchise enters the city, doesn't mean people (the fans) all of the sudden have deeper pockets. At the end of the day people only have so much money to spend on sports/entertainment. Weahter it be a Leafs game, a Jays game, MLS, Raptors, concerts, ect. Any time another player enters the ring, each of the other players gets a smaller piece of the pie. The pie doesn't get bigger.

I know what you're saying about the pie being a finite size Birdman and your example illustrates that well. All I will add though is sometimes the whole can be greater than the sum of it's parts. Meaning that in some cases, a new guy in town like the MLS could have a positive effect on something else, a synergistic type effect. In my case I find that the more sports I watch and see fans having fun, the more it sort of gets me excited to go watch the sport/league I really love, this being the CFL and Cats here in Hamilton. The MLS so far this year and watching their fans having fun is getting me going. I will continue to have seasons tickets for the Cats, that is my no. 1 priority but I'm not a casual CFL fan though, quite the opposite.

Not saying this has had that effect at all in Toronto or ever will with the Argos and fans or potential new fans. It all depends.