Is Mike Riley Elite or Mediocre

just asking??

222 yards …3 int …0 TD

Sarcasm …for those who can’t tell.

Neither… he’s good.

Amazing what a ferocious defensive line attack can do to superstars like Riley.
Riders arguable have the best defense in the league. We have been victims of this defense as well.

As long as we are popping balloons today…

Gable, C.J.
56 yards rushing

Sinkfield would have had that on one shovel pass...

Had a dream he had 1000 yds receiving game for HAM in the GC.

Going to be a tsunami of crap if EDM falls right out of playoffs. Only a few will survive.

7-8 and their fans want everybody gone. Coach GM and Prez.

How i long to have those types of standards ...

Reilly to Toronto looks more likely by the minute.

Nah - he’ll go back to BC where he started his career backing up Lulay. Hervey will probably make a push to get him there and ditch Jennings.

Blaming bad field position to start drives doesn’t cut it over there ?

please no

that would be tony the tigre great.

Wouldn't be the first time.

EDM’s current struggles notwithstanding, Reilly will still be able to write his own ticket in the CFL if he hits free agency (assuming he doesn’t get renewed NFL interest, a longshot at his age).

I don’t see why Edmonton would want to trade or let Reilly go, they don’t seem to have an “heir-apparent? waiting in the wings. Reilly doesn’t appear to come across as an unhappy camper, looking for greener pastures.

If another team offers him a boat load of money, maybe that would tempt him, or if a family situation comes into play? This year has been a tough one for the Eskies, but otherwise, they have been perennial contenders. Unless he is sensing a lot of decay in the organization or in the on field product, I don’t see anything pushing him away. For the team, trading one asset rarely brings a lot in return, even when it is a player of Reilly’s stature. And it would almost have to include a starting QB?

Does he become a free agent this winter?

Both Reilly and Bo are Free Agents after this season

Thanks Grover.

I’ll be extremely surprised to see BLM move. Reilly, somewhat less so.

I doubt Calgary will allow anyone to outbid for him, and perennial Grey Cup appearances would be an inducement for him to stay put.

As for Reilly, he’s very good, and Edmonton has no reason to want him to leave, or any major opportunity to find an equally good replacement.

Bo isn't going anywhere, except maybe the NFL.
Reilly on the other hand I can see wanting out. He's taken a pounding and Edmonton really hasn't done much to address the OLine situation there. Its average at best but not what a QB like Reilly would expect.
Maas is a hot head and I wouldn't be shocked if he's tired of him too. There's comments on the Esks board that the two of them have been barely speaking on the sidelines lately.
While rumor is BC will go hard after him they aren't a great team, but have a good defence.
I still think Popp and Trestman go hard after him, needing a face to put on the team. We've seen this before from Toronto and while it probably wont help ticket sales ownership aswell as the league would fully support it.

IMHO, Hervey in BC will make a huge play for Reilly