Is Mike Reilly on track for MOP again, yes!

Ok, I know wayyyyyyyy to early right, but with over 2000 yards in 6 games along with 13 TDsthe Warrior is on track to surpasshis numbers from last season.

With receivers like Duke Williams and Derel Walker, he could pass for 6000+ yards this season and right around 30 to 35 TD's. That has to be MOP material again.

Now wait for it ... some of you will say if he stays health ignoring the fact he dressed for all 18 and played in 35 of 36 games in the last two seasons.

Then the argument is, but he gets sacked a lot. Yet his sack to passing attempt percentage is 1.8% while Bo Levi Mitchell is at 3.3%.

Oh, of course, thereis the "he gets hurried a lot" argument and while it is true Reilly will often be on his third read when he throws. However, the Esks are 2nd in the CFL with rushing attempts at 129 and they have been throwing a lot more short dump passes this season to open up for the long ball. So really hurried a lot is in the eye of the beholder.

The reality is that Reilly has a cannon for an arm, is fairly accurate, is able to step up to move the pocket, runs well, thinks the game well, reads well, has the willingness to stand in and deliver to make a play. Then there is the leadership thing that is off the charts and the toughness thing so when the big game is on the line he is willing to put the team on his shoulders. There are many CFL QB's that have some, but not all of this list and at 33 he is just warming up.

CFL MOP? Ya I think so!