Is Mike Jones Elite?


June isn’t.

Will love to hear Drew cackle during the press conference with a funny witty Hawaiian story.

A spectacular performance from Jones wasted. What a joke.

Mike Jones was incredible. It’s June Jones I have nothing good to say about. I’m sick to my stomach over that loss and it’s getting to the point I can’t take this June Jones bullsit anymore.

I think that Mike Jones has slowly been getting better. He has had a few very good games this year and more and more can be counted on.

Hopefully he keeps progressing.

Anytime he doesn’t get hit in the head with a pass is a giant step towards eliteness for him. He was elite tonight .

In a league with 9 teams, Jones is currently a top-20 receiver.

He had a great game, not elite but Ive straight up said I had no faith he could ever have a game like this so I’m def humbled by how well he played, really there wasn’t much bad to say about him in this one even that drop id like to get another look at cause seemed close.

You're just not trying.

Take away the two TDs, and he had one measly catch in the whole game.

Clutch catch on the 2nd TD. Nice to see him have a big game, though it would have been better with a win.

I’m with you on that

Agreed. He was great. Lets hope he can keep it up!

Interesting that the OP starts a new Mike Jones thread after endlessly mocking the original one and pleading for it to be locked.

Ankle breaking double move on this route

Great toss, great catch and run on this play

That was awesome…a stop-stop again GO.

What’s OP?

Original poster.


I think that’s his sense of humour. I think he likes to stir things up. But seriously, Jones stepped up and had a great game so why not a new thread? (That last one had run its course).

Are You kidding me ?? As if 2 TD'S aren't enough, I'm sure glad that you have nothing to do with Player Personal besides you opinion, and that stinks.
He's getting better every game and as a Canadian a valuable commodity.