Not only reading this article, but I read another the other day. Which really if one reads between the lines does not catagorically state he is closing the door. I know a no means no. But, wait it would appear there are issues dealing with the operation of FC, which Melnyk's management company would like full control so that they would have the football team plus concerts, etc.. The article deals with concession rights that are currently unavailable till 2017. But, everything has a price one would think and if there is no football, how much would the current right holders have. Zero.
Because of the short time frame, maybe at year end these issues can be resolved as well as the Gleiberguy out of the picture and various debts.
So it would appear that it is incumbent upon the league to prop the team and the Gleiberguy would take most of the share.
We have to keep the team alive, mothballing it for a year never works. Out of sight out of mind, plus the good few players are gone.

Melnyk says no to CFL franchise
By DON BRENNAN -- Ottawa Sun

In a Rush to buy CFL team

After Renegades owner Bernard Glieberman announced that he was no longer interested in owning the team, various names have come out through the media about a possible white knight to save the franchise. (Ottawa Sun File/Sean Kilpatrick)
Strike Eugene Melnyk off the list of saviours for CFL football in Ottawa.

Senators owner Melnyk, considered by many the best and only real candidate to take over the soon-to-be-orphaned CFL team, says his sports company will not expand at this time.

Possibly factoring in the decision is the unavailability of concession rights at Lansdowne Park, as they are held by Aramark until May 31, 2017.

Ottawa mayor Bob Chiarelli said he was disappointed to hear that Melnyk isn't interested.

"He has to make his own decisions for his business and he can't invest just because there is a wave of support," he said.

It appears the Renegades are going to need a lot of luck if they are going to live past the early-to-mid April timeline the CFL has set in its search for a new owner.

"They're scrambling," a source very familiar with the situation said of the CFL. "If you're asking me the odds (the team will play in 2006), I'd say they were slim and none, and slim just left town."

Bernie Glieberman acknowledged that Melynk was the league's primary target, but he believes there are other "prospects."


Glieberman also disputed a report in yesterday's Globe & Mail that stated he offered no guarantees and no money up front in his bid to strike a deal to share losses in 2006.

He said he was willing to put up the first $2.5 million if the league would lend him the next $2 million, which he would personally guarantee to repay. In the offer, Glieberman would also cover any and all losses above $4.5 million. So for another year with Glieberman as owner, it wouldn't have cost the CFL a cent. "And then, at the end of (2006), if I don't see hope and promise, I could say at least I did what I could," Glieberman said from Dallas.

Glieberman assured he would return all season ticket money collected for the 2006 season if the team does not take the field. And he promised he will put the net $800,000 or so back in the kitty for a new owner, even though the cash has already been spent.

"I have no legal obligation to do that," said Glieberman. "But I said I was morally obligated. It's the right thing to do."

Meanwhile, 67's owner Jeff Hunt says the Renegades are "out of his league" financially. "That's how short the list is, that everybody calls me.

"The bushes have been beaten to death as far as local ownership (of the Renegades) goes. And with every failure, there's a greater reluctance for somebody to get involved."

Of heading or being heavily involved in a community-owned Renegades team, Hunt said: "It is intriguing. Because I'm frustrated as a fan and proud member of the community.

"I really believe football could fly in Ottawa. I think I have a blueprint ... and I've always said I'd be glad to give it to somebody. I think it can be a success, but there would be some rocky roads ahead."

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This really smells of the mayor playing hardball all the way he can, right to the final, final minute until the door is closed on football forever in Ottawa. I think he is playing Russian roulette with everyone, potential owners, the players, fans, the league, everyone.

What am I missing here?
What does the Mayor have to do with it?

He has the key to FCS for all sorts of events that go on there, it's that easy, and potential owners want a fair chunk of that key in return for taking over a franchise that is in debt, hasn't made the playoffs in x number of years, has had poor ownership etc. Heck, I would want something too like this if I was to buy the Gades right now. This is not just about a football team in crisis.

Mayor isn’t playing hardball. As far back as when Watters’ group first started the franchise, he said he would not allow taxpayers to support team. Lease arrangement is strictly a cost-only basis.

Lansdowne Park generates a lot of bucks for the city as well even during the winter. They have a big sports bubble used by many organizations.

City doesn’t want to lose that revenue. This is why issue of selling FC and or Civic Centre (undeneath one of the grandstands) may have killed Melnyk’s interest.

BTW one of Brennan’s colleagues was on TEAM 1200 this afternoon and made the point of a phrase in Melnyk’s official release. He said he wasn’t interested … “at this time.”

It’s that type of ambiguity which drove this whole story into a firestorm in the first place.

I understand what you are saying nooch but in this guys mind, this is really about the mayor’s office, there are owners out there, quality owners, who are interested but with the state of the Gades franchise, only reasonably wnat access to some other revenue from FCS and the mayor just is playing hardball, I don’t think he really likes the CFL.

I may be way off on my interpretation as you say, but not in my mind. If I was to be interested in the Gades as they are if I had the money, I want some part of FCS’s key.

I hopw we see a patnership with the Sens and the Gades soon, in other woads, I want him to own a part of the team but not be the owner so we can still get his money.