Is Mccants ready to play?

Well is he for thursday's game. Or will we see any of these new DB's starting either? Anybody got any inside info?

Might be alittle early still...probably after the BC game though.

After the way that Gardner played it will be touch for McCants to get into the line-up. I think that Anderson still holds down the other WR spot for now. Please don't put McCants at SB.

He may get a shot after the BC game Depening on how our Pass Catchers Do.

Hes pretty tlal at 6'3. He SHOULD be playing slot and catching passes over the middle

I disagree, McCants is a WR if there ever was one. He has deceptive speed and a pedigree as a deep threat in the NFL. Slotbacks aren't necessarily tall. Don't ask me, ask the all-time CFL reception leader Terry Vaughn. All 5'8" of him.