Is Matt O'Donnell ready to start at RT

The Esks have been said to try to out a future All Canadian O Line in place. I O'Donnell were to become the starter after a full TC in 2013 he would be the 5th NI scheduled to start at RT for the 8 CFL teams.

He will get all the reps and oppertunity to start. The two things he needs to work on are his Foot Speed & Breakingdown. Guys ran right by him last year.

If Austin Pasztor comes to Edmonton, he will be another NI option to start at Tackle. Scott Mitchell has the foot speed to play tackle, but was moved to guard because of injuries last season. Throw his name in the hat as well. Lastly, lets not forget Carson Rockhill. He will be a tackle in Edmonton. Very unlikely to start next year, but he will get a few looks.

The Edmonton Eskimos all Canadian offensive line (with the current players they have):

Left Tackle- Matt O'Donnell, backup: Carson Rockhill
Left Guard- Scott Mitchell, backup: Brian Ramsay
Center- Kyle Koch, backup: Gord Hinse
Right Guard- Simeon Rottier, backup: Dylan Steenbergen
Right Tackle- Austin Pasztor, backup: Dale Stevenson

Blue = need to resign, soon to be free agents
Red = need to sign, hold their rights

i dont think that Paztor will be back and if even so I cant see the esks not using import Orrin thompson at LT with O'donnell at RT. I agree with the interior Lineman. LT is just too important and was among the best in the CFL and has several seasons in the nFL so he is very experienced.
Similar to the situation in SASK with import Fulton anchoring LT, filling out the rest of the 4 spots with Lababbe and Best a G Picard at Center and Heenen as the 6th man. For the most part Canadian OLineman have bee able to establish themselves on the intrerior and now RT but are still not as good as many imports pplaying LT.
Josh Burke of Montreal is the exception as a Canadian LT and an all star as well.

Of course Orrin Thompson starts at LT. Im saying the future of this team would look like that if the team wanted all canadians to start.

Pasztor would start over O'Donnell

Paztor starting over O'Donnel I will agree with at RT. The ultimate goal I would guess would be that Paztor comes back soon and jumps right into the RT spot then moves to LT and O'Donnell at RT when they both gain the experience. Having a comparable situation to Montreal