Is Matt Dunigan OK?

Matt looks swollen in the face... he doesn't have that chiseled jaw look anymore. Anyone have any insight?

He's not in the studio, he's on zoom or FaceTime, it's not clear

Dunigan never had a chiseled jaw at all. He's always had a thick neck, but never had a chin or jaw line IMO. I think he seems fine, but likely under gone some cosmetic procedures to look younger, that is probably why he looks a little off

he is getting older. some of us gain fat around the jowls with age, specially if we like to eat a lot.

...the difference between a $40,000 studio lens and a $70 webcam.

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Don't forget the make up artist!

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He does look swollen in the face or jowls. I've seen people swell up like that from certain medications like prednisone. Another reason might be just too many BBQs during the lockdowns. Tons of people I know seemed to have gained weight during the pandemic.

Not sure what's going on with Matty but hopefully he is OK.

I was wondering the same thing. Steroids maybe?

Maybe he’s bulking up to make a comeback?

The sad part is, a 60yr old Matt Dunigan would be an upgrade at QB for some teams.

Dunigan could squish Nichols like a ripe banana with his mighty biceps. He could leap tall buildings if you shot him out of a cannon. Is he bird? No probably not. Heeeee's UPGRADE MAN!!! (cue the fireworks) :boom:

Even at 60yrs old I’m absolutely certain that Matt Dunigan has a much stronger arm than Scrub Nichols‘ little pop gun.

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