Is Mass finished as a starter in the C.F.L.

Unfortunitley..I believe it is.
Somewhere at some point..Jason was badly injured..I also believe it was before he left Edmonton.
I feel bad for him. It does not appear he can come back from it. 24 games later..he can not move the Offence.
It is now time for a change.
Win, lose, or draw..the torch has to be passed.
Before the fans..start to pack it in, and stop going to the games.
( and that would start to happen much sooner now..than later.)
One has to wonder..what will become of one can say he did not try to make it
Injuries over the years..have no dought taken there toll on him.

What makes this different from the other 2000 "Is Maas Done?" threads?

Most of us..would have liked to see Jason get back on track. That did not happen. And simply..the time is up..on 'hoping' he will improve. Bob Young is no fool.. Much more of..waiting for Jason to get better...and the fans will the thousands. So what makes this post different...we have reached that point...plain and simple.

Another Maas thread Ho hum :roll:


The only reason (I think) that Management is trying so hard to stick with MAAS, and HOPE he comes back to form - is to justify paying his HUGE salary. If MAAS can come back, the money is well spent. Otherwise, he gets released, and his money goes with him.
Then, we start all over again. If MAAS fails, then it is egg on their face. And then it is time to groom the next great Q/B.
Once groomed, be it Chang or Williams, they will need to start paying all over again...

The Eagle :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

If he's released, he's out the cash (contracts are not guaranteed in the CFL). He's released DUE TO INJURY then he will be paid.

there is a better chance of jimmy hoffa's body being found than there is of jason maas ever becoming a viable starter in the cfl or resurrecting his career in Hamilton. Nuff Said.


No. The way this league goes through QBs, I would never rule out Maas because of his record as a backup (not discussing the 2006 debacle).

Is he done in Hamilton? We shall see.

I've been thinking about that issue. If you ask Maas right now (or if you asked him at any point last year), he'd swear he is not injured. If he is released, however, I suspect he would retroactively declare that he was injured and expect to collect his pay for the year.

the cats should release, nobody is afraid of the cfl players union, when has the union ever won a battle? the cats should release him and call his bluff, there is no way he could collect a full years salary.

And all that tape of "I'm okay, I can play" wouldn't be admissible in a court?

Methinks people are getting ahead of events here.

In true ex-Ticat tradition. We'll let Mass go at the end of the season for nothing. He'll sign on with another team, only to excel and perform better then he ever has.

:lol: So true! Just like A.C. We drummed him out of town too! Never say never in sports, but if I were a betting man I'd say Maas is done.


I got to agree with you re: Maas.
The guy has given it everything he's got and unfortunatly it's not enough. Basically, Maas is a pocket passer and if you're a pocket passer in the cfl, you'd better have a rifle for a arm. Also, Maas is not proficent at passing on the run.
Scott Mitchell stated last Sunday, on the Ticat show that Maas is as healthy as he's ever going to be.
That tells me that Jason will never regain his old form again. :cowboy: