Is Masoli our 3rd stringer now?

No comparison, just an observation. Masoli frequently looks new when he's not.

It's a simple enough rule. They are professionals and therefore must never make mistakes. Anyone who misses a block, drops a pass, gets beat by a receiver, fumbles the ball, misses a tackle, over/under-throws a receiver, or misses a field goal shall be cut immediately.

One thing is for sure, we would no longer have imperfect humans on our roster. Remind me: who would be left?


If that was a designed run then you should be bashing Acklin for not attempting to block. It was a run pass option but TO covered it well. Take the field goal and have some faith in the defense was the logical approach. We are supposed to have the second best defense in the league.


Happy to blame Acklin as it does look like he turned around to block the 3 defenders late.

I still stand by my original comment in the game thread. Chicken $hit play calling. Playing not to lose. Absolute joke with the talent we're supposed to have on O.


Acklin took one of the four defenders with him out wide, leaving the other three to tackle the ball carrier. He would have had to block at least two of the defenders to make a bigger impact.

If the play had worked we'd all be happy. Presumably success depended on a different defence being called, or defenders reacting differently - both elements that are beyond our control, making it (IMHO) a crappy call.


Crappy calls aren't always based on result. They're based on intent.
Two runs made it crappy calls, even if they scored.

The fake punt IMO was a good call given time, score, field pos. Etc. It didn't work. It happens.


Remembering the perfect goal to goal run call a couple games ago when we had 2 blockers to take out 1 defender for an easy score.

Agree with that.

Don't be ridiculous. No one is suggesting that.

I know. But I thought we were all just arguing with the imaginary voices we hear in our heads. Like the one guy who keeps arguing with all the imaginary people who are suggesting Masoli belongs in the HOF.


You know I actually used the Search button at the top and couldn't find anybody on the forum that ever said that Masoli belongs in the HOF. :thinking:

But how many people did you find who strongly disagree with them?

This is all rather confusing. Voices, imaginary people, Garney? I feel like we are in the Matrix or something? :thinking:


It can't be understated, but has not been specifically mentioned yet, how much we missed Williams and Banks. As always, field position and pass coverage would have been greatly enhanced with Williams' presence. And, without a doubt, we all know that Banks would have easily been under the missed end zone pass to Ungerer. In fact, that single incomplete pass was the difference between Masoli being celebrated right now and this particular forum even continuing to exist.


His lame attempt at humor.