Is Masoli our 3rd stringer now?

Where do you see Masoli going?

Jeremiah looked like he hadn't played in several weeks . He had no intercepts and no fumbles . He and QB Evans are the guys with Watford as #3 . We lost a game we should have won . Losing Frankie Williams , Kay Okafor, and Nikola Kalinic from the starters certainly made the task more difficult . The 2 Cat fumbles were killers .
The good news is that Taylor Bertolet, our kicker , nailed a 55 yarder with zeros on the clock . I was at the Als game when Oz kicked the winner that put Als Coach Dave Ritchie on his knees in disbelief . I think Bertolet's was longer and the wind was a factor in both kicks .
We lost a game we should have won but I believe we are still the best team in the east . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (a couple of F bombs were dropped at the home last night)


Yep, third string and he always should have been.

It was his first game in 2 months. The offensive line still isn't great. The offense moved better than with Watford. Masoli is not the problem. QBs always get more praise than is due when the team wins and more hate than is due when the team loses. Watford/Masoli right now is the perfect example.


He has come back from injury, and had his chance to take back his job. That’s fair, and what any starter deserves. So far, Jeremiah is not showing he is back to his former level. Looks like the Toronto game next week could be his final chance?

BY YOU!!!!!!??????

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The head coach too!!!!

Reilly and Collaros are the best QBs in the west . I still think we have the best 2 in the east . Time will tell .

Pat Lynch (the aged one)


Maybe we are best in the east but we’re nowhere near as good as the Bombers. Unless things change I’d rather the Argos make it to the big game in December and be the sacrificial lamb. Actually, the Argos have the best chance of beating them.




Unless things change, mightypope. :wink:

I don't understand this thinking....

I am also a Notre Dame season ticket holder, and WHEN I can attend those games, there was always this discussion that Notre Dame would be better of NOT playing for National Championships because they always lost in one-sided games against Alabama or Clemson...better to have avoided the embarrassment than take a shot at the gold ring...

Let's think about this:

  • Go to your "safety school" (college/university) rather the the one you wish to go to (and are qualified for) in case you fail...

  • Better you take a job paying half what you are worth than take the chance that you earn what you should but possibly fail at the job...

  • Marry an unattractive, undesirable spouse so that you don't have to worry that someone else might find her/him attractive and take her/him away from you...

Play for the Grey Cup or don't waste my time...


OK Aristotle… :man_facepalming:

How did you know that was me?

Your reputation proceeds you. :wink: :beers:

The only way to play. Play to win. :+1:

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Yep, I heard his cry’s of FUDGE all the way out here!

Finally. A rational post.


I remember that game. Watching him hammer his fist into the ground had me in stitches! lol

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