Is Masoli a legit starter or backup ? If not what's next

If the Cats can get a win in BC over Jennings, maybe Collaros will be staying in BC for picks and prospects, Vandervoort would sure look good in Black and Gold.

Jennings has lost his shine in BC

Collaros to BC for Jennings, Vandervoort and a pick


Trade the Rights to anyone for Johnny, for a bundle of picks and prospects


Make a big play for Franklin or resign Masoli, whatever comes first

Better be careful here. What if you wake up one day and see all three listed on the depth chart? :wink:

Omg, I like Masoli as a backup, but trying to make him our starter is reminding me of Montreal trying to make Jonathan Crompton the starter. Masoli has better mobility than Crompton did, but face it, he's pretty much a game manager. Collaros has to get his mojo back, he's the QB of the future. Forget about Manziel, his rights will be traded to Toronto, Montreal or Sask, whichever offers the most.

Play jm the rest of the season.evaluate his play and decide if you offer him starter money or backup money or nothing you then treat
Collars accordingly

LOL. Manziel will be a Sask Rider! Jones is a sleeze-bag and has no scrupples.

ZC yo BC for Jennings and Vandervoort and a puck! What you smoking? Send me some.

What's the point? He's a 50% passer, you're not going to win anything with him. I also don't agree that Zach's problem is a result of his knee injury, for the simple reason that he had 3 or 4 great games after he came back from it last year. He deserves a chance with the offence behind the revamped O line & with the greater emphasis on the run game. That way, you can compare his performance with Masoli's & have a better idea which to go with.

One thing i know for sure is the cats will not win in BC

Let's face it the season is done and we are heading to 2-10 and Toronto and Ottawa are starting to win and playing better .

The way I see it is if you can't be at least .500 you really shouldn't be in the playoffs.

I'd like to see this team prepare for next year and playing masoli who is an impending free agent may not be the best idea.

Anyone think the cats have any chance of beating BC in Bc or getting into the playoffs ?

The Argos play Montreal this weekend which is an easy 2 points and will bring them to 6-7 and 12 points to our 4 points while ottawa has a bit of a tougher test in wpg and they might lose and remain with 11 points

With a projected loss in BC , we almost have to go undefeated the rest of the way to make the playoffs with Ottawa and Toronto ( just beat edmonton ) looking better

Let's bring a bunch of nfl cuts...a few taller receivers with speed, a few taller db's that can hit and catch and some de's with speed and strength and of course some running backs with speed and some strength and sign manziel to play with these new guys

we have pint sized receivers and db's right now and it doesn't help in those jump balls.

Let's go get some of the guys from our negotiation list and start ricky collins jr next week at wr and it looks like we finally have a decent national receiver in chambers aside from the often injured fantuz. That was great deal for chambers just about 11 weeks too late . Well at least we have him now and he is from this area so he will likely stay for awhile

I am sure we will find some good talent to add to what we have by using the next 6 games to audition some talent . Then we don't have to start next year like we did this year like an extended training camp trying various db combinations and many different offensive tackles and receivers .

I agree with the above. But Masoli should be traded and I still think that it would be a sin to let
the Arblows get their hands on Manziel , we may never win a GC for years if the Arblows under
Testman develop Manziel into a top knotch QB. Keep Collaros, Manziel (at 90,000/yr) and Golson

How about, We will win in BC and we are right back in it.

Jennings won't have Lulay to bail him out.
Get some pressure on Jennings, once he gets hit a few times he will make mistakes.
The Lions Oline sucks bigtime and our Defense is really coming on

We have to beat out Ottawa for 2nd, TOR is the best of the East right now unless Ricky Ray gets hurt.

OTT has a real tough schedule against all western teams until they play us in their last week, that game could be the tiebreaker season series.We also have 2 games in hand on them

Both of their #1 and #2 QB's are out with throwing shoulder injuries.

BC is not looking good right now, Lulay was getting the job done but Jennings not getting it done.
They can beat the Lions on the road.
Ottawa is in the Peg with a 3rd string QB, they should just mail in the 2 points.
Tate is day to day and likely back the week after.
For the Ticats to grab that playoff spot they would have to go undefeated for the rest of the season and Ottawa to go winless. It's not going to happen.

It can still happen

OTT - 11 pts - 5 games remain, If OTT finishes at best 1-3-1 with 1 of those losses vrs us =14 pts

HAM - 4 pts - 7 games remain, If HAM finishes 5-2 with a win in OTT = 14pts, tiebreaker HAM

OTT's remaining 5 gms are against WPG, SSKx2, BC, HAM

Which part of this coach likes small and quick receivers do you not get?
Why bring in big if coach likes small? Like it or not get used to Banks, Saunders and maybe Quinn (Dying for him to get a shot) and Tasker as our smurf team of WR for as long as Jones is coaching. Tolliver would be your only chance.
You want taller DBs. So who will sit for these taller DBs? When healthy the DBs are actually quite good. All Stars Davis and Kanneh with Leonard and Washington or Unamba who has played great in limited starts.
You want speed and strength from our RBs. Well Gable and Scheuerman are definitely this.
I believe Whitlock is a difference maker on DLine. Coleman has been great. Maybe a future upgrade for Tracy is in order.
I don't see a massive airlift of talent being on display for the balance of the season.

I like your math Grover.
Only 2 home games remain for Ottawa. Home and away against Sask, road Winnipeg, road BC and last game of the season they host us. It would be nice if this game meant something.

I have to disagree about the season being over Grover..
Ya it's a long shot, but the math says it"s not over yet.
Masoli is a legit starter, has all the tools, can make all the throws.
BUT..I believe
All he needs is to be given that role outright..not on this week to week
Most will not like what I am saying..but Zac is done, period.
And needs to be Traded before Oct 11th, as right now he is worth something.
Start Zac again...and he fails, he is worth nothing and would have to be released.
From whatever the worm has done that is rolling around in Zac's brain..
He will have a impossiable time returning to what he was on the field..
Just my thinking on him.
Trade him now...give Masoli the outright starters job.

I love how many people are so sure about this.

On top of recovering from his knee injury he had to deal with:

  1. Losing his OC (Condell)
  2. Trying to execute Austin's predictable offence.
  3. Poor quality O-Line.
  4. No pressure relief from a running game. (Refer back to point No. 2)
  5. Loss of key primary targets not adequately replaced. (Toliver, Fantuz)

Joe Montana would look bad in this system.

Zac needs to be properly re-evaluated with the above mentioned problems sorted out.

Other than 2, Jeremiah has faced the same problems, with supposedly less skills and experience than Zach has, and since Jeremiah supplies about half of the running game. I'm pretty sure that Jones has had access to film of Zach both last year and this year, and has seen him perform in practice. Probably has a good feel for what Zach has done and can do.

As was stated on other posts and threads, Jones decided to sit Zach out for some number of games. When he feels Zach is ready, we will probably see him on the field. Until then, he, and we, wait and wonder.

Give him the patience you gave collaros and he might improve if not hes a free agent anyway collaros had a great half season we know what he can do masolli did complete 23 in a row vs edmonton so maybe he has it in him

Masoli is likely the best back up QB in the league...but I don't understand why Zach isn't playing or at least start mixing things up by changing up QBs at will....the big problem that cost us 2 games is that June doesn't know the Canadian game & has no idea about time management. People complained about Austin but he knows our football & we need him big time!