Is Masoli a legit starter or backup ? If not what's next

I like Masoli as he seems calm and can run through or around players as he is pretty thick.
His passing and touch are not so great as seen last game in throws along the line of scrimmage or throws out of the backfield to gable . I am not sure how many gable dropped but they were not all easy passes. His completion percentage is always in the 50's while other teams qb's are in the 70's.
Also his td to interception is about equal which is not good . Low completion percentage combined with a high interception rate is not a recipe for a grey cup team.

After seeing Masoli last year and 3 games this year , I think I can say with confidence that he is not a starter in this league not to mention a guy that would not be able to even lead us to a .500 season .

Since he is not a starter ..what is our next move ? Give Collaros a shot with this new offence and if he doesn't improve then look at Johnny Football or even RG3

What say you ?

Masoli got game. Unfortunately, he has reached his highest level of success. A good runner with an inaccurate arm. A below average backup.

^^^^^^^^ This.^^^^^^^^

I think he's an average to above average backup. He's done some great things in relief and has shown he can handle things for an extended period of time.

To answer the question about whether he can start look how quickly Ottawa and Hamilton jumped on Collaros and Harris. Would any other team jump on Masoli and make him their starter? I'm not sure.

2nd or 3rd stringer, this is a QB league and he Cats are hurting in this area, i would give Zac the next start, depending how he plays it may be time to bring someone in. Very dissapointing

Masoli is a very good QB.

I think he will be starting the next game in BC on Friday night.
That would make him a legitimate starter.

Answer has been obvious for years. You cant wish a player into something he is not. No matter how bad things get.

Truly hope its getting obvious to Grandpa Jones.

He's solid coming off the bench but I dont see him as a franchise guy. Sort of a Kevin Glenn if you will, hes not in your immediate plans but if things dont work out with your projected starter, he can carry the team fairly well. Now the question is, do we keep Collaros and hope he returns to MVP form? If we are done with him, id like to see us trade him to SSK and then trade with Edmonton for James Franklin.

Cats99: Agreed:Let's be fair here ! Like to see
What Zack can do with June Jones and the new system !?
Now that would be interesting before they try to Dump his 500 plus grand/year . My opinion is that Masoli is not a #1 QB material yet ......

This is a rebuild for 2018 year anyways

Give Collaros @BC? At the best of times we have had trouble there. Let Masoli have that one and if we lose I'd go back to Zach for A couple eastern games. See what he can do against the same teams Masoli played.

After re-watching the Sask game and looking at the stats and now that my emotions have settled.
I think Masoli ran that offence as best as it could be run under the circumstances of how new it is and the all around inexperience.
Will Masoli be the guy...the jury is still out but he can certainly manage a game and grind out points with flashes of brilliance considering what they are working with right now.

He did throw for 328 yards this week which was more that all the other qb's and he runshed for 60-some yards. Difference in Ottawa and Toronto - running backs had huge numbers. Second in passing this week was Mike Reilly with 323 yards. So looking back, maybe it wasn't so bad.

I am not sure what the alternatives are right now though - slim pickins out there.

Yes, I would like to see Zach run this offence too, I don't think it's simple.

Further, I just saw the highlight of the last play of the game for the first time and actually that pass was right in the receivers stomach, even as he slipped. It looked way worse live. It was actually there bad play call and all!

Are you taking votes?
Here is what I think:

  • Masoli should continue till end of season. We have seen what Collaros has done this year, & it has been 'not much'. Not totally his fault, and he may yet be injured.
    But putting in Collaros now is likely not going to change very much.
  • As above, he did throw for 300+ yards, & this is a new offense. It is not Austins' offense. So, there is a learning curve there, and that means keep giving him the reps,
    & let him get comfortable with the new-look offense.
  • if you take a look at the replays ( the bad ones ) - you will see that likely it may not have been totally his fault. The Jones fumble was clearly not, and the 2 interceptions
    ( both went directly to a Sask. defender ) may have been a receiver not running his route correctly.
  • as a comment on the last play - it was not a bad call, and the receiver fell down. Still, a slow motion will show that even so, the play was catchable. I think the ball did touch his hands, but being down probably meant he lost his concentration.
    If I were to fault Masoli on that play, it would be because:
  • he had great protection, so not sure why he rushed the throw.
  • if you watch the play in slow motion, you will see that the Primary receiver was covered by at least 3 defenders. yet there was another Ticat receiver just behind.
    Had Masoli not 'locked' on the primary receiver, it would have been an easy TD for the 2ndary receiver.
    The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

Exactly ?

If I had to give him a flat rating right now, he's at the same level as Kevin Glenn. He's the ideal backup, and he'll keep you in the game but he's not consistent enough to win you the Cup. That said, he certainly has a lot more room to improve then Glenn, and if he can keep his mobility as he ages, Masoli could become the guy.

As far as what's next? That is a much more extended question, but if we are talking exclusively about the Quarterback position,I think you treat the rest of this season as an interview of Jones and Masoli. You keep Masoli as the starter for the next 3-4 games. If he performs and shows consistent improvement, you keep him there. If not, you go back to Zach, who is hopefully out of his slump by then.

You do not get rid of Zach unless you are sure Masoli and Jones are your guys moving forward. If he is, and he doesn't have a use for Collaros, you have to trade him (not release him) and make sure you come out ahead on that trade. Fundamentally, don't be afraid of letting Jones go, success in the NCAA does not equate to success in the CFL. We aren't expecting Jones to produce a playoff team, but we need to expect marked improvement in offensive scoring.

I say keep Masoli , Collaros and sign Johny football and let them compete for starter in next years

Masoli is a free agent at the end of this season.
It would be a huge hit on the Cap to keep Masoli, Collaros, Golson and Johnny.
Masoli will get some very good offers from other teams in the off season.
IMHO, Either Collaros or Masoli will be on another team next season.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if we see both of them on different teams next season .
Masoli as a FA signing elsewhere and Collaros either being traded or outright released . Even if this does happen though I still don't want to see Moronziel here in the Hammer next year or any year for that matter .

Maybe so, but I doubt anyone anoints him as their starter. He could definitely play the Lulay/Tate role, i.e. very good backup who only plays if something goes wrong. Smart teams seem to find a way to employ a backup who's almost good enough (or was once good enough) to start.

Glenn was put in this position years ago, but for reasons which may or may not relate to voodoo dolls, he always found a way to start most of the games. Finally someone relented and let him be their bona fide starter - well, after the NFL has-been shockingly didn't pan out, that is.

IMO both of our QBs can start in the CFL and both play very different games which is a bonus if a coach wants to use each of them. As a DC you would have to game plan differently for ZC over Masoli.
Why not use this to our advantage and have a package of plays put in for Zach? Austin had done this in the past with success when we had Burris and Lefebvre. Lets face facts. Collaros can't be a backup and make $540K in the CFL.
Trade him or release him if you are only using him as a backup and reinvest the cap savings to bolster the team in other areas.