Is Marty York right here about Clemons?

I think he makes some good points, in his own unique, sometimes, oftentimes really, irritating way. Have a read:

"The truth, however, is that he’s also mainly responsible for the demise of the Toronto Argonauts this season.

See, it turns out that it was Clemons – against the wishes of general manager Adam Rita and every other voice in the club’s football operations – who insisted on obtaining quarterback Kerry Joseph before the season.

Clemons was thinking primarily with his corporate hat on his head instead of his football hat.

He assumed Joseph would sell tickets in Toronto because he was the CFL’s outstanding player as the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ quarterback last season. He overestimated Toronto fans. In Toronto, folks don’t give a hoot what a guy accomplishes in the CFL." …


I hate myself for even reading that pile of crap, but I was just too damn curious. York continues to be nothing more than a loon.

TSN has a similar article...

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Today the Pinball was on Fan 590/Sportsnet with Bob McCown.
He was grilled pretty good by Bob and co-host Stephen Brunt. The Pinner was pretty much in a fire extinguishing mode and said everything is fine and dandy in Argoland.
As much as we all love him, somehow he was not convincing this time.
My guess is expect a real fallout after the season.
Someone has to go and my bet it is going to be Adam Rita and Greg Mohns.

Marty York is ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched the interview as well argotom and agree with you. You know, I give Pinner A+++ for having the curnubies to appear on the show knowing he was going to get grilled and knowing that he has to as he always does, paint a fairly rosy picture. But his sentences and words were so choppy, I thought I was watching one of his kick returns when he was a player pinballing here, there, everywhere. The difference though is when he was a player he usually got it done but this interview he just kept dancing and dancing and going nowwhere, spinning his wheels and he was just getting deeper into whatever, you could tell he wasn't able to answer everything honestly.
As I say, I give him full marks for showing up on this one. He could have won the And So You Can Dance contest hands down though. :wink: He isn't a very good liar though, and actually I think this says a lot about his personality, great guy who could never make it as a lawyer because he hates lying and doesn't know how to do it well. Well, hiding the truth I guess might be more accurate.

He assumed Joseph would sell tickets in Toronto because he was the CFL’s outstanding player as the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ quarterback last season. He overestimated Toronto fans. In Toronto, folks don’t give a hoot what a guy accomplishes in the CFL." ...
What a bunch of hooey. The Argo fans filled up the Skydome to 95% capacity this season. How does that support make York and others think Pinball "overestimated the Toronto fans" who apparantly "don't give a hoot what a guy accomplishes in the CFL"? The facts don't bare that out at all. Just more vitriol from York who still has sour grapes about getting fired from his plum CFL reporters beat. Now he's stuck sharing a cubicle in the basement of Metrotown news, a suburban freebie shopper...instead of all-expense-paid junkets to Montreal and Vancouver.

The Argos had outstanding fan support. The fans voted with a resounding "YES" to Pinball and the Argos. Sure the Argos are crummy, but you don't have to discredit Pinball or the Argo fans to get your illogical jabs in against the CFL.

True enough Xv. People forget that the capacity of the RC is whatever it is minus the top upper tier which was closed and not available for purchase.

That being said, and yes this is in hindsight, but really the Argos should have stayed the course with Bishop. I just think Pinner didn't like him personally or didn't think he was good enough, just my uneducated opinion. Although I also do think Pinner was swayed with the MOP tag of Joseph maybe not to sell tickets but to make the team better in his opinion. Bishop might not be a great qb but I think is adequate enough to do the trick.

Of course, three big mistakes(and there are more) the team made:
1. Signing Joseph
2. Trading Bishop
3. Trading Pre, who was the heart and soul of the team.

And it's difficult to know where the final judgements were all made and who had the most power in the final decisions. And Pinner didn't want to reveal all these inside secrets, obviously, neither would I. Who is listening to whom and who says this or that etc.

Now, does Pinball stay in Toronto? Hmmmm...

bishop is overrated. They won the games last yr because of defense. Smarter people than most fans recognized that Joseph would or should be an improvement. Either way, they needed someone and will need someone better than bishop. Getting rid of him was not a mistake.

I tried to email York but it came back as being a dead link.
Guess the guy doesn't want facts to get in the way of his opinions.
But to say people in Tranna don't care what a guy does in the cFL?
I mean the Blue Jays had Roger Clemens, and attendance did squat for them as well.
The only team that matters in Tranna in the Leafs.
The rest get support only when they win
Why York thinks that the fans only don't care about the Argos and the cFL,
especially when York writes about the cFL, is something I'm still trying to understand,