is marshall coming back?

absolutely he is, to IWS anyways. in 2 weeks if things go according to plan, he should be patrolling the home sideline once again as his mustangs should take on glen constantin’s laval rouge et or for the vanier cup.
i know the hometown marauders are not there but shoot it would be great if you made the mustangs your team if only for the simple reason that the coach that shouldn’t have got away will be on your home sideline again trying to win his first coupe vanier.

go mustangs

city legend

I hope you mean the coach the shouldnt have got away from McMaster...

No the coach who should not have gotten away from the Ticats and the marauders. We let him go before we had the Patience of jobe

Interesting. Greg Marshall and Therese Quigley = Mustang dominance of football in these parts for a while I'd say.

AS much as i would like to see Coach Marshall back at i.w it will be st mary,s who make it to the big show at i.w nov 22.along with their star slot back, hamiltons own Warburton !

Would O or D co-ordinator be a pay raise and job advancement for Marshall???

We should have those 2 spots open for hire.
A good Canadian HC should look for a good Canadian assistant!!!

imho Ticats sack total could double with Marshall as d.c

" imho Ticats sack total could double with Marshall as d.c"

ummm ... i think the sack total would double with my son's hockey coach as DC ...and yes, i menat to say HOCKEY coach