Is Mark Chapman coming to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats soon?

is Mark Chapman coming to the Hamilton tiger-cats soon??

ask his agent

We don't know anything the media hasn't already said.

Chapman came out and said he isn't being offered what other first round picks got. Obviously the Ticats are trying to pay him less than guys drafted after him.

I predict he will be here sometime between tomorrow and the end of the 2020 season.

I was hoping this thread was going to give us a few teasers indicating a signing was imminent. :-[

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Who knows... maybe he just wanted to skip camp. :slight_smile:

If that rumour is true it is strange for them to trade up for him then not be prepared to sign him to the top wage for the first pick over all especially if it's for 100g more or less .

What is the deal on rookie contracts, 2 years and UFA?
If this is the case let him sit for a while and sign him next year. If we can sign him for 3 go for it.
Rookie WR rarely have a good first year anyways.

The other first rounders got 250-280K over 3 years based on the media. That would put Chapman's price around 300K over 3. My guess is the Ticats offered him 200K over 3 years - give or take a few grand.

This all started a couple years back when that Als DB draft pick held out for 200 something K and a big signing bonus. Ever since that the first round player price has gone up at least 30-40%.

The top pick last year was Faith Ekakitie with the Bombers, he got $88k which was:

$23,000 signing bonus, $53,000 in base salary and a $12,000 housing allowance. There’s also$13,500 available in playtime bonuses and standardall-star and outstanding player incentives which could push his total compensation to more than $100,000.

He only made 5 tackles last year, so I assume he didn't get the "playtime bonus" always a risk when you take first rounders and they don't play up to expectations.
I think they should give Chapman a similar contract, base salary and if you make the team and perform you get a bonus.

Is this some sort of Colangelo situation?

I wish these rookies would just pay their dues and prove themselves first before asking for the massive paycheck.

That sounds fair . 100 k if he plays significantly is a good deal .

It sounds like he's just asking for what other 1st overall picks have gotten? Why should he settle for less?

The issue is that I'm pretty sure the other first rounders this year all got guaranteed money. Being that they were all OL players besides Chapman and the DL player BC drafted. Maybe that's the issue... he wants more guaranteed money rather than performance based.

We don't know the particulars of who wants what but to me it seems like a power move by Chapman's agent. They figure that since the Cats very obviously coveted and aggressively pursued Chapman, then the Cats will HAVE to fork over the cash. Since the team was so over-enthusiastic about Chapman's services, he figures he can dictate the demands.

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That's true, tough for us to debate this without knowing the numbers. If he's asking for well above what previous years first round picks have gotten, then I agree he's out of line. But if his demands are in line with past years 1st overall picks, then he's right for asking to get paid.

It seems no one follows the media... Chapman came out publicly and said he just wants something in the range of what other first round picks got. So that can only leave one to conclude they are offering him LESS than guys drafted after him.