[ Is Marcel] The Fall Guy?

Okay so you dont like Charlie but you don't know anything about him or where he has coached and the success he has had. Your arguement is blowing away.

This has to be the most ridiculous thing I've heard so far. Since when do you bring a GM in and only give him one year to turn it around. Anybody who knows anything about football knows it takes more time than that to turn it around. Something fishy about this whole situation. As John Salavantis put it, he had hardly anything to work with as far as ressources. He has restructured things, done the dirty work in dumping salaries then someone is going to come in and take all the credit for his work. That's proposterous, unless of course someone is going to try to take credit for this!
In real sports, people are given time to get there work done. This would be a major mistake once again on behalf of the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

OK whatever, what he has done in this league is what I look at, college football is garbage and it's American footbal which is completely different than Canadian football

We're stuck. Next year is a, "We'll see."

Taafe & Desjardins get 6 games next year and there with people waiting in the wings.

As a fan- I don't like it.
As a management type- it's what you do if you are trying to get longer-term results rather than a quick hit.

Basically, we will be asked to buy next year sight unseen on the basis of not much proof but a great deal of necessity. What else can we - or the team - legitimately do?

I hope it works. I won't be around for the next blowing-up if it goes this way again. I think that senior management knows the way the wind is blowing on that one. Firing everyone now and starting completely over again will kill the remaining fan base even more than keeping the visible faces of the current management crew. Less visible types are far less likely to survive the winter.

It's rock and a hard place time gang... rock and a hard place...

Desjardins has had more then a year to turn it around. He was here for most of the 4-14 2006 season. He had his time to evaluate and make upgrades. He failed miserably!!! Eric Tillman has been the GM in Saskatchewan for the same amount of time as Desjardins been here. Yet Tillman takes a .500 club and makes them Grey Cup contenders with some of the players Desjardins either gave away or got taken in trades for. Desjardins makes us worse. 2 freak'n wins. What's ridiculous is that Dan Rambo is not our GM already.
Thank goodness for Mike McCarthy who served up Setta and Moreno for the Tiger-Cats, for McKay-Loecher and Armour for wanting to move east and play for the Tiger-Cats, and for Bob's $$ and the business community for convincing Printers to come here. Without that scout and those players wishes, Desjardins might have made us 0-18.
So Desjardins makes us worse then the 4-14 season, so i guess if we were 0-18 you would still say let's keep him as GM? Maybe because there's no way he could make us worse then that. Nice.

Actually synthcat, if I remember correctly, he was hired in late August and had to deal with all the overpriced cash that was given to players like Flick and Maas. The difference is at QB and the OLine (young O Line) where we were stuck with what we had. Our OLine will be the best in the league and will be the envy of all the teams. They need time. We were finally able to land a QB and we are strong at many other positions. As for Tillman, he put together a team that was already moving forward under Danny Barrett and Roy Shivers. Once again the credit is being given to Tillman and Austin when everybody who knows football understands that the people responsible for Saskatchewan are no longer there. Saskatchewan hasn't won anything yet by the way!

Yes Desjardins was hired in late Aug of 2006. Which is last year's 4-14 teams. Which puts him at GM for most of the last season before this one. Which gives him time to evaluate and make upgrades. He hasn't made a single trade to upgrade this team. Our scouts like Mike McCarthy served up Moreno and Setta to the Tiger-Cats. McKay-Loesher and Armour made it known they wanted to play for a Southern Ontario team. Yet we have 2 wins...Desjardins has failed miserably at improving this team!!!! He made us even worse then last year. What's your point? As for the rest of your ramblings....
Saskatchewan's success lays in part to the fact that the Tiger-Cat GM at the time Rob Katz traded away our number one pick in the dispersal draft of the Ottawa Renegades. We could have had MVP candidate QB Kerry Joseph playing for the Tiger-Cats. Joseph is part of the reason for Saskatchewans' success, not Barrett of Shivers. Rob Katz ruined this team and he had no business being in the football side of operations for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Guess who hired first time GM Desjardins? Rob Katz did.
You talk about overpriced cash for Maas and Flick? Unfortunately at 200 grand Mass was on par with the other starting quarterbacks of this league and at $130,000 Flick would have saved us $$$$ in the cost of the multitude of receivers that we have had to pay that have come and gone, while Flick is getting 1200 yards for Saskatchewan.
Oh, and guess who Rob Katz traded Kerry Joseph for? Desjardins can tell you who. It was Corey Holmes and Scott Gordon, a starting safety and a half-back both given back to a now Grey Cup contention team by Desjardins, the Saskatchewan Roughriders. (Who also got Chris Getzlaf in Desjarinds' deals.) But oh wait.... Desjardins got us Jason "Armsdead" for all this!!! whoo hooo
Dan Rambo for GM.

Scott Mitchell is throwing hints around that some major changes are in the works for the off-season. I don't think he has much choice if he wants the fans back next year. All this talk about giving people "more time" is cheap because we don't get paid to deliver the goods on the field. Its Mitchell's job to get people in the seats so maybe he has had enough too.
So what does he consider "major"? Marcel? Charlie? Either or both? The assistants are already gone I would think.

Once again the fans who think they know football have put their stamp on this team. IF Marcel is fired, this team takes a nother step back. No candidate will want this job knowing he gets only this off season to build the team.

All of these fans calling for someone to be fired every season part of the reason the Cats are so awful. I understand it's frustrating but to properly build a team you have to have patience. I'm not including the last 3 years because as it's been noted, the team admitted to making mistakes. But for the team to have to act reactionary every season if there are problems because crowds dwindle, this team will forever be in rebuilding mode.

This isn't rah rah chat. This is fact. I'm not happy with what has happened but I'm not going to fry a guy after one offseason.

Poor old Rod would of had a heart attack coaching this team!


I am starting to think that only a few teams are aloud to have good players in the cfl! Look why does Toronto and B.c always have the cream of the crop? That is because they are not selfish and buy a team! For example you only should exspect that driving a honda would not be the same as driving a BMW! There is only one man to blame for this!