[ Is Marcel] The Fall Guy?

Should Rookie GM Take the Blame
For the Team's Poor Showing?

John Kernaghan

The Hamilton Spectator
(Nov 2, 2007)

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It's hard to feel sympathy with Marcel's
'bull in a china shop' attitude and approach

but John Salavantis points out
one big problem he had to work with.

'John Salavantis pointed to outdated and
underfinanced player personnel operations
as a crucial gap in the Ticats' game plan.

Desjardins said that area is one of a few
that surprised him on taking the job.

"There was no video library of prospective players,
no data base, not enough space for coaches to work efficiently."

And not a good start for a guy who spent six years
at the elbow of Montreal GM Jim Popp, arguably
the Canadian Football League's best in recent memory.

He came from a model franchise with the latest
bells and whistles to a broken model.

"That's the way it goes for first-time head coaches or GMs,"
Salavantis points out. "They get a chance in a bad situation
and make their name on what they make of the situation."

Not bad but he has some items wrong
Peterson Came from Winnipeg to here
He now in Edmonton.

Other wise it is not a Bad Story

He made some really bad desitions Onknight!
(1) Keeping Maas here! Half our season was wasted right there!
(2) Trading some real good receivers that never come around much at all!

On the good part he cut the salary alot, he got printers here and got Maas out but a bit too late.There is promice in this team and the patient people will be rewarded in the end!Trust me!

Gimme a break! The guy failed to recognize the assets that were already in place here, he went and destroyed a solid foundation so he could build his own, he came in and said i didn't sign that guy i don't want him attitude, which shows he is very insecure and defensive in his own abilities. Also he signed a coach who runs a very poor system for the Canadian game when guys like Hufnaggel and Cortez were available -2 offensive genuses who designed some of the most high powered offenses in the history of the league.

Drexl: I know this is just "what if" but....Charlie did want Rod Rust at first before he bowed out. I wonder how much of a difference Rod would have made to the defence. Quite a bit I suspect...for the better.

I don't quite know who to blame, but I can certainly say that recognizing talent has been a real problem for us. Williams stood there holding the clipboard and he could have helped us to a few more wins this year.

That doesn't matter. Defense and running the ball is not a formula for success, it ain't even a formula for success in the NFL anymore. And I don't like it when everyone blames the assistants, like it's all their fault. Everyone did it with Marshall and now Taafe, like people blaming Working while they forget it's Taafes stupid playbook he's using and at any time Taafe could have stepped in and took over the offensive or defensive playcalling duties.

Too early to tell.

Ask me in two years.

I would take your arguement a little bit more seriously if that wasnt part of it. What solid foundation.....there wasnt one!

Look around the league, there are lots of players we brought in that are now doing well for contending teams and these are guys Marcel either released or gave away. I’d say Katz actually did a better job as gm then Marcel and there was a lot of hard work done in bringing in and developing young guys then Marcel comes in and gives them all away.

There is NO WAY that you could question the hiring of Taffe to start the season.
2 years as a CFL head coach, and 2 CFL coach of the year awards.
Pretty good resume

I didn't want him, I never liked him in Montreal. I always felt his system was bunk and Montreal's offence only became a major force in this league after he left. They were a stacked team with probably the best oline to ever play in this league, he wasn't part of the process of building that team and they actually did better once he left and they didn't want to hire him when he came looking for a job after being spit out of the college system where he didn't do much.

being spit out of the college system where he didn't do much.
Obviusly you don't remember what Maryland accomplished when Charlie was the OC there.

The talent is sadly lacking at several positions on this team, especially the secondary and receivers and its been Desjardin's job to find players. In that sense, he failed badly. But the blame for such a dismal season can't be dropped on one man. The coaches didn't make the right decisions in many areas from player choices to play calling to game plans to team discipline. And the players rolled over in too many games that I saw. Entire games without a single TD!! It was truly pathetic at times.

With a few key holdovers from 2007 and upgrades elsewhere, I'm still optimistic for 2008.

An Argo-Cat fan

I don't ever remember hearing anything about Maryland and i can care less what he did. It doesn't change the fact his system is garbage for the CFL game.

Drexl, if you don't like the offensive system there, as an Als' fan I'll gladly send you Marcel Bellefeuille if you'd like


Agree with your point, not seeing the problems at QB game after game sure made the pain much greater for the team and the fans.

I don't ever remember hearing anything about Maryland and i can care less what he did.
If you don't care what he did there, then why did you say he didn't do much there? Obviously you don't know what your talking about. Maryland set numerous school records while Charlie was their OC. Does the name Vernon Davis ring a bell....well Charlie was his OC in college

I think the coaches and Marcel had the say on who went and who stayed and judging by some of the play calling during games the coaches were involved in a lot of bad deals and some bad talent evaluation.

I have no idea who vernon Davis is, i don't follow college football closely and I don't ever remember hearing of Maryland being ranked or anything.