Is Marc Trestman losing his grip on the team?

It is one thing to lose to superior teams, it is quite another thing to keep on shooting oneself on the foot. From the last two games, seem like the team lost for things within their control. One particular thing I want to discuss is penalty. The Alouettes were praised as the most disciplined team in the CFL. In 2009, they even played a number of games with 0 penalty. TSN even noticed their posture on the sideline when the national anthem was played. And that discipline was attributed to - deservedly - Marc Trestman.

Now it seems like it went up in smoke. For two consecutive games the Alouettes outpenalty their opponents by quite a margin. A number of those penalties are the avoidable ones. Roughing the passer, unnecessary roughness, time-count violation, among others. If the discipline in 2009 was attributed to Trestman, does it mean that now he is losing control?

Certainly the Als in the last two games have definitely not portrayed the discipline they have prior. And all these "unnecessary roughing" penalties ... one can only shake their head.

What I would like to also question is Anderson. Another one f those "unecessary roughing" penalties tonight. So far I am questioning if he is really worth the money he was given by Popp.

The Anderson penalty IMO is BS. The player was not out bounds when Anderson nailed him. The only reason why he got that penalty is because his name is Dwight Anderson. The rest of the 15 yard penalty's were all stupid and boneheaded. It's getting serious when Stewart is getting 15 yard penalty's.

Agreed on the Anderson penalty...wasn't even that close. Thought it was a clean hit...

Just about every UR penalty I saw called on us was BS tonight. There is no team discipline problem with regard to unnecessary roughness or late hits; the officiating just sucked, plain and simple. Guzman got called for facemasking when HE WAS THE ONE GETTING FACEMASKED BY THE TI-CAT PLAYER. :thdn:

That bad call on Dwight anderson put the secondary on its heels and it is clear Avon gave Chambline a ton of info. Because there is no way that secondary is that good. They've never, ever covered players anywhere close to how well they've done tonight. Might have even gave them an entire playbook.

Trestman is going to think twice next time going into someone house with one twenty play practice. Als needed some new tricks to take to Hamilton knowing Cobourne would give Chamblin a bunch of keys or more.

Hamilton did enough to give the game away, Als just didn't take advantage of the opportunities. I also think we need help on the Dline.

All in all it was a weird game and the Als played hard till the last whistle... No big deal...

Hahaha…the facade is complete
watch how the “fans” turn…

Up yours Flag! It is one thing when a lifetime Als fan and Montréaler like me criticizes OUR team. WE have earned that right. But, trolls and a holes like you can politely stick your nose elsewhere…

Agreed. Anderson gets a penalty because of his name... The refs tonight sucked. The head referee dude had rotten short term memory, and could not control his microphone. Who is that guy?