Is Maas Over-Rated?

While I'm happy about the win, and I'm normally a "glass is half-full" kind of guy, I'm really starting to wonder if Maas is just completely over-rated. It seems the back-up quarterback in many cities is the most popular player on the team because he can do no wrong. Is this the case with Maas? Are we really getting a bona fide starting quarterback? He made things harder than they needed to be tonight. He has under or over-thrown receivers quite a bit this season, and tonight he had the blown play at the one yard line and the fumble. I'm really not sold on this guy.

By the way, I was pretty underwhelmed with Josh Ranek again tonight. Holmes seemed to find holes, why not Josh?

To tell you the truth I myself was wondering about Maas. But more along the lines of how exactly healthy is he? Some of his throws were brutal. Was it a matter of sweaty balls (footballs that is) and perhaps he should lose the glove or does he have a wonky shoulder.

With one minute left in the game, I was actually hoping to see Eakin come in.

And I can't help but rant about the officiating again. That non-call late hit on Flick was absolutely criminal. Wasn't the ref supposed to be watching that play? How could he not see Flick being pushed while out of bounds towards the concrete walls. No excuse...the officials are lame!

Got to agree with both of your assessments. Maas is not a leader in the calming sense while on the field or on the sidelines. That approach will only carry you so far. Just ask Coach Marshall.

As for Ranek, I am not sure if it is because the line is not creating the holes or that Ranek is too predictable in his running.

Now, lets talk about the sloppy tackling by the linebackers and defensive secondary.

Mass is fine. The offensive game plan sucks. We need a better OC IMO. Mass put his body out there and ran the ball. We need to throw it up the middle more often and that will open up the wide outs.

I was yelling all game to put Eakin in. I've thought it all along. Why did they not give the startin job to Eakin

he looks scared our there and just throws it off quick.. he looks like he just saw a ghost before he throws and he for some reason aims to the ground.. i uno i have ymy worries...he is over rated yes.. great player yes.. but i just dont know about him.. eakin is sick! i say we give him a chance, i know i know we just won.. but i mean what could it hurt

He won. Given the last four years in Hamilton, this is an accomplishment of no small status. LOL

He has to hookslide more or he will eventually get hurt. Too many upper body shots for a QB like he took tonight is a recipe for disaster.

I think his completion percentage has been excellent. We need to go deep more often to open up the running game. Onknight has suggested that Corey Holmes should start...I am not adverse to that, but Ranek will be part of the mix once the line comes around.

This being said, Maas is slinging the ball 3/4 a lot because of the kind of swing plays that are being called. It may be affecting his mechanics going over the top. That can be addressed in practice if it is a problem.

I would like to see more consistency in using our deep threats throughout the game. The fundamentals of the ball-control approach are good, but the defences are not being stretched enough for the running game to work. That also contributes to the fact our play-action game is often absent. Maas needs to work with Paopao to build on some of the good wrinkles we saw tonight to get some consistency happening going forward.

Oski Wee Wee,

um there are about 300,000 reasons. Give Maas a break. He is completing passes. He needs another realiable target to help Vaughn. We have good recievers but they dont make clutch catches when they need to.

Maas is not a leader. If he was why did they take the #1 spot from him in Edmonton when they found RR. Maas has no confidence he missed many open receivers tonight both primary and secondary. This guy is a back up QB only. Eakin is 2-1 in starts for us, he has NFL experience albeit in Europe it is good experience. He seems to pick up secondary receivers very well and can run better than Maas.

Joe Paopao was never that good of a QB and his offense shows why. Look for more RL in there soon and PP be sent packing...........if he comes back as Coach next year I will not renew my tickets!

Maas should sit on the bench next week and let Eakin run the offense for the WHOLE GAME!

Maas will be fine. I think the play calling has been lousy all season and Paopaos offence is still geared towards Kerry Joseph instead of Maas. 2 different styles of QB and similar offensive scheme used.

As for Ranek, he will be fine if the oline can actually start openning up some holes. Ranek was very good for Ottawa last season and many games was the best part of the offence. I do not believe that the most talented RB in the world is going to run very well behind the current oline.

just like Ticat fans to complain on the night of a win . sure they could do things better but look at the time of possesion . We kept the CFLs leading offence off the field and to under 20 points .What more can you ask for ???

i was thinkin that....

i was wondering if anyone was gonna reply .

I see the Remove The Other Maas Thread I Started..

We won.

No it wasn't really pretty, and there are dozens of things to improve upon. But must agree with Coach Lancaster that this at least gets the monkey off our backs, and lets the guys know we have the potential to beat Calgary and both the teams they beat, if not some others as well.

Major kudos to Corey Holmes, as IMHO he was player of the game and showed what you can do with a work/faith ethic.

Sadly I cannot offer a lot more opinion until I get to watch the game tape, (I had to view the game on the miniature tv viewers on WestJet's seatbacks, and the audio was out most of the time, let alone the fractured picture!)

But again, we won, and against a team presently tied for #1 in the Western Conference. We have a kicker who can make the big FG's. We have a head coach who has laid the law down to the team about performances, and functioning as a "team".

A pretty solid start, if sadly delayed. Lets move forward from here, and get rid of the negative stuff...and build on the positives we saw tonight and through the week...

I'm so sick of hearing that lame threat...if so and so doesn't start, if we don't start winning, if this, if that...if you don't want to renew your tickets - then don't. Someone else will be glad to take them. Good riddence. Just stop these petty cyber threats, no one cares.

I am not sure what game you folks saw. But Maas gave his heart and soul in the game. How can you comment if he is a true leader or not as most of that role will take place out of the public's eye.


Hate to be too critical after that tremendous team effort and wonderful win last night but.....
I couldn't help thinking at the end of the game that, despite Maas's great effort and touchdown last night, he has a serious problem with his passing. Whatever he had last year is not there this year.
It seems like a mental problem. Nothing wrong with the strength of his arm from what I could see.
Maybe he should be benched for Eakin until he gets his groove back. The score would have been considerably higher last night if it were not for bad throws...short and long.
Maas and the coaches will have to figure out whats wrong here and find a way to correct it. I don't think the team can afford to have him use game time to work on his problem.

His longer paases were off.

Just as Boreham missed the FG in Calgary and the Calgary kicker did not, I coulnd't help thinking the same thing about our QBs last night.

Maas over threw a wide open Kamau Peterson on a long corner throw (should have been a TD), while Burris hit his receiver for a TD on a very similar throw in the second half.

They executed, we didn't.

Also, There was great read in the 4th quarter by both Mass and Flick as Calgary's defensive halfback creeped up for a blitz, leaving FLick in a one on one scenario as all the other receivers were on the far side. The corner played him tight and Flick ran right past him and, once again, Maas' throw was way off. Should have been a TD.

I was just wondering why all of you that think you know everything aren’t playing instead of sitting on a forum critizing everything Jason does? It’s easy to say what you should do when you are sitting in the stands. With fans like this how could Jason even begin to have any confidence? Some of b**** about everything he does. I would be ashamed of myself for being so down on my team all of the time. You should be trying to talk about the good things that happened last night instead of looking for all of the negative things.