Is Maas in danger of being cut??

With the contracts being guaranteed as of September 1, should the Cats cut ties with Jason Maas and save the balance of his $300,000 contract?

That is too much to pay for a back-up CFL QB in anyones books.

Jason has had enough opportunity to prove that he is either unable, or not healthy enough to lead this team.
As a business decision I say release him, and let him go back where his heart is in Edmonton.
Just like that boyfriend/girlfreind that we knew we would be jealous of if they hooked up elsewhere it is the proper thing to do.
His useful life in Hamilton is over!

Just like that boyfriend/girlfreind that we knew we would be jealous of if they hooked up elsewhere it is the proper thing to do.

I totally agree with that decision. We could pick up some pretty decent nfl o linemen for that amount of money saved. Good luck Maas, no hard feelings but you are of no use to us now.

theyed be stupid to keep him now that they said maas is the starter.

My only concern with cutting him is is this the right thing to do? Meaning the thing that players don't want to see happen if it's not a classy thing to do therefore hurting the organization in terms of being a petty organization and therefore players might not want to come here? Hey, if it makes sense for salary cap reasons and that, fine, but if it is strictly to save some money, the short term gain could be some long term pain.

I agree with Earl. Plus, without Mass we will be seriously lacking experience at the QB position with only Chang and Williams. I think Mass is still valuable as a mentor.

Exactly. Yes, he's an overpaid back-up, but he will serve as mentor to Chang and insurance for those times when the kid blows up.

You can't just cut him right now because we'd have next to no experience at QB on the team. He'll play the backup role for the rest of the year, but anything goes in the off-season.

(My bet is they cut him in the off-season because it'll be a good PR move, and as I've said before, they are great with PR stuff)

Yeah, I really dont think its a good move. Down the road it could burn you when trying to go after vet free agents. Plus, Maas is known for having a high QB IQ so he could be valuable to Chang for this season.

I could be convinced to cut Maas if the date was after Labour Day and Chang looked very strong.



I think you keep Maas around, for this season anyway.
He’s a very intense player, so intense that it was bothering his game. Coming off the bench would be the best thing for him. He certainly could settle down somewhat, which would help his play.
Regardless of his contract, for now Maas should remain a TigerCat.
I’m sure we’ll see a much better player when he comes in as a backup.

just my two cents worth. :cowboy:

If Eakin comes....Maas is gone. It all has to happen before Labour Day though. If there is no Eakin by then, Maas will have to stay for the rest of the season.

IF we cut MAAS,i can see Edmonton picking
him up and having him back up Ray, this
would help push edmonton into the playoffs
which in turn prevent any type of
cross over from happening.
I can see Maas causing us problems if we
cut him.

Maas cause is problems????? Has not already done that??? Let's strap the helmets on tighter here gang..Jason Maas was a back up...a back up...and still is. I wanted to be behind him..but his skills are diminished him!!

Its a pretty tough call, with legitimate reasons for either side of the coin. My gut tells me that he will serve as a rather expensive insurance policy for the rest of the season.
If the team had committed to Chang, even one week earlier, this might be a much easier decision depending on how Timmy had performed.

Two things: He's too expensive and his negative energy is a liability in my opinion. Look to the future whether it's with Chang or someone else....

I agree. As ineffective as Maas has been, they won't leave the team in the hands of two "rookies". My guess is that unless they can bring someone in with some experience before Labor Day, Maas stays until the end of the season. A week or two earlier probably would've made a big difference in how the situation is resolved. If Chang was approaching Labor Day with a couple of good games under his belt, I think Maas's time here would be coming to an end.

That's alot of money that could be used to bring NFL cuts to Hamilton in the next couple of weeks.

An Argo-Cat fan

Eakin ASAP for 1/2 of Maas's left over UNDER ACHIEVING SALARY. It is due time that this organization go in a different direction. :thup:

Maas is not a negative energy kind of guy but I do agree he is far to expensive to have on the bench. In a perfect world he would be a great mentor to Chang but a salary cap and a rebuilding team in dire help at many positions makes it difficult to keep him. My guess is he is asked to renegotiate his contract or he will be released and sign in Edmonton for considerably less money.

I'll preface this by saying I like Maas as a person and I'm sure he is well liked by teammates. we really think Maas will be a suitable mentor? Some of his game decisions are very questionable and he tends to push to hard and make mistakes (especially in side the 5 like last game)

Honestly if I had my choice I would take D-Mac or even Lancaster as a QB mentor and save the 150 k.