Is little Johnny the next Kevin Feterik

Little Johnny is going to make the supplemental draft.

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Pedigree or not, how is a kid who never played high school ball and one year of college ball a lock for a first rounder, had he been eligible?

I was wondering the same thing. The kid does not even have any combine numbers, he hasn't shown up for the national combine held after the CFL E-Camp. Maybe he's SO good they have been hidding him or maybe he figured who needs the Colts or College ball when me daddy owns a team.

Couple nice catches on youtube

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Judging by his bio , looks like an interesting prospect. It will be interesting where he ends up for a few reasons…

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Biography: Has 3-to-play-3 at Washington State. Forzani had 37 catches for 702 yards with 9 touchdowns this past season for the Calgary Colts. He led the league in yards per catch (20.6) during the regular season. Ran between a 4.37 and 4.45 while a member of the Colts, the junior team of the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL.

and the plot thickens LOL !

WASHINGTON STATE ANNOUNCED Tuesday that senior-to-be wide receiver Johnny Forzani has left the football team. Forzani’s father isn't as sure, saying the younger Forzani is “on the bubble? academically for this season. Tom Forzani, a CFL Hall of Fame receiver, also said his son is only “leaning toward? leaving the Cougars and WSU to make himself eligible for the Canadian Football League draft.

The younger Forzani is spending spring vacation in Mexico, his father said, and plans to resume classes at WSU next week.

Asked about the elder Forzani's comments, WSU's Sports Information department stood by their announcement from earlier in the day that Forzani had left the team and didn't offer additional comment.

The younger Forzani, a youth hockey standout and high school basketball star in Calgary, Alberta, played only one season of football prior to last season.

Forzani’s inexperience showed at times, but in a reserve role, he caught nine passes for 265 yards and a team-best 29.4 yards per catch in 10 games. He set a school record with a 99-yard touchdown catch against Arizona State.

Forzani was offered a tryout with the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders last year. Forzani’s uncle, John Forzani, owns the team. Forzani’s godfather, John Hufnagel, is the coach

His ties to the Calgary organization are undisputed. I still have no idea how anyone would think a 37 catch season on a fair-to-middlin junior team and a reserve role at WSU would vault him ahead of some 5 year CIS vets, or those with 3-4 years of NCAA experience...?

He's either some kind of wunderkind, or overhyped.

...why even bother with the draft? If he wants to try-out here (better not be any guarentees to play offered, our receiving corp is fairly stacked already) wait until after the draft and sign a negotiation agreement like any other wannbe player without a contract...

I don't know but there is a distinct lack of commitment to programs and questionable academics to go with the greener than green onion baller experience. Looks like his father was hoping the kid would stay in school but ...

For a first year college player to come in and grab a school record and make a contribution in a few games is still remarkable. I mean there are guys who are ranked in the top 15 CFL rankings and haven't played one football game for their program...
If his 4.37 fourty is legit, there is a lot to like. I'm not sure if a team would give up a 1st rounder but he will definitely get picked up.

Any NI player with sub 4.4 speed will get looked at, even if doesn't know a 9-route from a naked bootleg. For teams other than Calgary who have not worked him out, he's a high-risk, high-reward player....not always what you're looking for in a guy that's gonna cost you a first rounder. There are several safer WR alternatives in the pool.

You don't have to give up a 1st rounder. Could be a six rounder...Depends on how the bidding goes, they call it a sup draft but it should be called Flunkie auction lol!

True. It will be interesting to see what teams think he is worth.