Is Lirim any good?

He’s already left 4 points on the table with a missed FG and PAT.
You could argue that his Illegal Kickoff led to Calgary’s FG at the end of the half.
Heck - he can’t even kick a ball 10 yards downfield for an onside kick.
I would have to go through the records, but he has had multiple Illegal Kickoff penalties this year, as well as too many missed FGs.

I wouldn’t re-sign him next year if there are other options.

Answer to your question: not so far today!

I would say he cost us 7 points, with the kick out of bounds at the end off the second qtr.

Add on another 6 with that horrible punt...

Cut him lose, I’m sure you could find better and now with NFL cuts? Missed field goal again, botched kick off out of bounds, missed extra point, short punts all in one game??

Stink, Stank, Stunk!

We use to have a couple of good ones Justin Medlock who is fine in the peg and Bret Maher in Dallas.

But it was against the best team in the league.

Was going to start a thread titled “would we be any worse off with a receiver doing our kicking?: #bringbackstala

but this seems like as good a place as any.

Seriously though, he’s been terrible all year.

Yes in the Edmonton game too, we wouldn’t have had to kick a last second FG to win if he’d be any sort of not terrible earlier in that game.

I don’t think so. Played like crap in Winnipeg and was very average in Toronto. So who thinks he can kick … Tillman. Too inconsistent for my taste.

Sergio Castillo ? Is he signed anywhere .

Not available . Signed with the new Alliance league .

Would love to know how many punts he’s out between the numbers and sidelines. Can’t be more than 3.

Lirim seems too lackadaisical to me. Like he’s phoning it in. I don’t think he has that perfectionist work ethic of someone like Medlock. Reminds me of Noel Prefontaine who always seemed to act like he would rather be swinging his golf club than kicking a convert.

Laid back coach, laid back player…

Bring in Swayze Waters he is a free agent and probably at less than the current contract to LH??

Lirum missed a field goal and convert ,he’s missed few all season ,stuff happens in 30 C and high humidity …

Holder could have not been perfect as well .

Calgary missed a convert ,maybe we can get their kicker now that he will be released…for that…

Kicking out of bounds on the kickoff was his screw up ,it happens …

Masoli was running backwards most of the game ,no secret ,pressure a QB , Calgary were impressive with good young back ups not banged up seniors like our new backup receivers…& me…

He screwed up but I also blame the call and special teams coach for NOT calling a “squibbed? (?) kick.

Stamps ended up with the ball on their 45 with 11 sec on the clock. One long pass ate up 8 sec leaving 3 sec remaining and the resulting field goal (not that it ended up making much difference in the end :-).

A squibbed kick down the middle probably would have ended up around the Stamps 30-35 but burned 4-5 sec leaving less/no time for the bomb and field goal.

Again, no difference with the final result but another questionable coaching decision IMO. What if that had been at the end of the game? Some of Cat’s losses vs the Stamps have been on last minute field goals.

The field goal at the end of the half made a huge difference.

  1. The momentum going into halftime swung in their way.

  2. Diring the game, the strategy used to overcome a 12 point differental, compared to a 9 point differential is very different.

In the end too many errors for cats to overcome and Lirim certainly had more than his share.

are you blaming them for calling a squibbed kick? or not calling one.... because they did not call one.