Is Lancaster an Idiot?

Well if he isn’t he sure looks like one now. Giving Brazzel up for piece of garbage like Peterson. Brazzel’s diving catch near the 3 yard line was the turning point in the game. And what did this idiot Peterson do when Kahari was scrambling, improvising and running for his life? He finally delivers a bread basket strike on the end of that play and bone head Peterson drops it. Lancaster is a Q#@%#@%@#$ PIECE of S##T!

I Didnt think Peterson played that bad. And i think he probably got rid of Brazzel because hes got to much of a mouth on him and he doesnt want that in the Ti-cats locker room.

Well Lancaster has a mouth on him too. He always gets rid of the player in order to save face. You got Donovan Carter who came out in the media and said he's not very amused with the clubs braintrust platooning him. He doesn't agree with it. We don't need linebacking by committee. We need to know who the hell our Linebackers are and who our quarterbacks are. Two big question marks that make this team look bush and therefore affecting the players desire to win. Lancancer then threatened that he'll be dealt. Instead Lancaster got a well earned demotion. All this is, is a fundamentally flawed football program from top to bottom and the frustration that the few passionate players on this team that really hate losing, can no longer contain. Lancaster has succeeded at nothing since becoming GM of the Ticats, except ruining his good name and storied reputation.

First he claims that when you're 0-6 that some changes had to be made and that he understood that but doesn't neccessarily agree with the move. A statement that implies the move was made with or without his cooperation. Then he says that they had to free him up from underneath the heavy load of paper work in order to focus on "player evalutation"....cough...gag....puke....This statement suggests that he is agreeable and coperative about the move. Just how the hell Lancaster really feels is something you'd have to live in his head to really know. The point is, that this team and its leaders starting with and under Bob Young are all about bullsh!tting the fans and the inconsistencies that betray it are numerous.

I agree, Danny M was showing he could not do it in their training camp, if you are going to start a new season go with a young guy to start use DM for a backup at best. Lancaster is trying to hard to be buddies with another aging QB that does not know when he should pull the plug. This is pure selfishness. Put the teams need in behind their own. The cats are only a couple of players away from fixing this but It may be to late for this season. Might as well start using Brady to groom him for next year, Keep Khari and give DM a bus pass to the games and a ticket to watch. DM would make a good coach for the QB's at best. Do not quit on this team by any means they are much closer then you think.

Brady's garbage. He was another Lancaster disaster. He can't pass. He can't hand the ball off. What does he do well? Brady has no business playing pro ball. Why? Because he stinks, plain a simple. I would have kept Ben Sankey, but the Fool on the Hill, Ron Lancancer, saw it another way.

"Nobody seems to know him, they know that he's just a fool....they don't like him.....the fool on the hill........sees the world spinning round.........."

He was horrible when it counted. Second down and Kahari scrambling for his life, dodging defenders behind the line trying to spring himself free to get a pass off. He fires a perfect strike to Peterson who is coming back to the ball and it hits him right in the bread basket and he drops it. Right in the stomach and he drops it. What game were you watching? This play was a momentum killer. Right in front of the Bomber bench he drops it like an idiot and his former teammates were laughing at him. Not that bad? Are you insane? His late touchdown means nothing. He can't make plays when you need them. He stinks.

Ok Look I was watchign the game and weather he had one dropped pass or not doesnt mean hes that bad. I mean the guy isnt known for catching balls in the first place. So for a guy that couldnt catch a ball with glue on his hands in Winnipeg i thought he did fairly well. I must say if your a ti-cat fan your not a very good fan. Just trashing your team because were not doing to good this season. I can agree with u that Lancaster is an idiot at times and we need to get rid of him. I will never ever in my life say that my team sucks though. If your a fan of your team your a fan. You dont bad mouth them like you are. Yes you can state out there faults and where they need to improve. But enough of the trash talk of my team please. Ive been a fan since i was born and ill be a fan long after im dead as well. I will never say that they suck.

Well my friend, I guess that's the difference between you and me. I believe you're free to express your opinions and just because they run vaguely contrary to your own perception in this instance, doesn't invalidate their contibution to the discussions, neither does it serve to diminish in any way the credibility, nor the identity of that ticat fan. Besides even one sports writer already came out and wrote that they stink. This stuff is hitting the newspapers. What's so audacious about me thinking it too?

the game would of turned out the same without that catch. although it was a nice catch...

Ya I forgot about Sankey he is not a bad QB. Good arm on him.

sounds like the same story as in winnipeg. when it didn't count to muchhe could make a play(ex: tip drill in toronto, 61 yarder in toronto) but when it mattered he drops it(ex: first game against calgary)