Is Labour Day Weekend a sell-out?

Montreal and Saskatchewan are givens, and as barring a monsoon in Calgary, the walk-up will make quick work of any leftovers that might exist the question mark is Hamilton, and in reading Jeff Piercy's column (such as it is) on the main page, it sounds like Steeltown may be showing up in full force.

Anyone know if Calgary still has tix left, and what's going on in Hamilton? Would be nice to announce prior to the Als game that the whole shebang is sold out.

Hamilton definately wont be a sell-out

It's always a sellout, even when the Argos were manhandling us.

Now that we're beating the Argos, that shouldn't change.

Huh? It hasn’t been a sell out since 2005.

Capacity at Ivor Wynn is listed at 28,830
Labour Day

2005: 29,600
2006: 28,891
2007: 28,644

Them getting a piece of 2nd place and in position to host the eastern semi should fill the place. Although average attendance this year of 19,503 suggests it could still be a tough sell.

According to the Stampeder's site, it's sold out.

Well then, the people of the Hammer should be ashamed of themselves if it is not a sellout.
Especially and I am afraid to say this, my Argos won't win.