Is Kevin Glen Done?

With the Retirement of Kyle Orton it got me to thinking about Glen... Is he done too, and if not, is he willing to play for 90k a year, because that is about as much as he will be offered as an insurance policy that is not even a 2nd stringer.

If the Cats lose LeFevour(likely) to FA as well as McGee(less likely)and I don’t really care what they do with Masoli(hopefully release him). I for one would welcome Glenn back as Collaros backup providing the price is right. Personally I think he could still be an okay insurance policy and a serviceable player with a ton of in game playing experience in case of injury coming in off the bench. I have a feeling that in answer to the question: Is Kevin Glen done ? IMO the answer is No. Glen will resurface somewhere this season,it’s just a question of where exactly,you can already eliminate some teams from the equation such as the obvious Ottawa and others in this category I think would be Calgary,B.C. and perhaps Toronto. That leaves 5 possible destinations that Glen might end up in next season:Hamilton,Montreal,Winnipeg,Saskatchewan or Edmonton. That is though if he is willing to take a paycut and a substantial reduction in playing time and what these teams plans are for the current QB’s on their rosters as well as which of these teams might lose a QB or two in FA this season and where these FA QB’s might wind up.

There are still plenty of teams which do not have a back up QB that can win games should the starter go down for a few games. Unfortunete for Glenn that Lulay did not come back healthy as thought. When it was thought that Glenn would be filling in until about mid season things were going pretty well for BC. It took Glenn a couple of games to get used to the BC offense. But with such short training camps most teams with some player change take a few games to get going in one aspect or another.
Everyone know by now that Glenn is not your starter and you will not win a Grey cup but can win some games when called upon. As soon as Lulay Came back and then went right back out for the season the Lions as a team folded up. They knew the deal.
The Riders went from 8-1 with Durant and 2-7 the rest of the way having to bring in a 40 plus retired QB. The Riders want to win now and have no time to groom a number two having Glenn at 2. Deciding on weather to keep Sunseri at 3 or another would be a better option. Keeping a 4th off the roster as a project is where you want to groom.
Montreal is a bad place. If Crompton should stumble it would be too tempting to put Glenn in. If he is their best their will be no Grey Cup.
There is one QB that is still in his prime that has proven he can win and be a top QB. Calgary has an unhappy Drew Tate and a team in need of a starter now, will make a play for him and Calgary can welcome Glenn Back as BLMs back up.

He will get more than 90 k . In the right situation he could help a team . if the no.1 goes down. His days of being a no.1 are most likely over.

Glenn will get low six figures (say around $120,000) a year to be someone's backup next year. Saskatchewan (definitely) and Hamilton (likely) are both in the market for a backup QB. Calgary could need one, and I'm still not sold on Crompton (especially if he loses his two best receivers this offseason, Duron Carter and S.J. Green), so Montreal might need a guy who can fill in if Crompton fails to grow in his second year as a starter.

In any event, nearly half the league could use a guy like Glenn, so unless he doesn't want to play anymore, he'll be on a team in 2015.

Yes, Kevin Glen has been done for years in most GM's books

I agree he will get something like that, or perhaps less with incentives for games played / % of snaps taken.

If they don't make a move for a long-term starter, if Crompton does not progress the Als need to turn to another "developing" QB, not a band-aid that puts off the problem for a year.

Are there 18 or so CFL quarterbacks that teams in the league would rather have at this stage of his career? Remember, Kerry Joseph started a playoff game even though he just showed up at the end of the season. It was not as though Joseph had done much in his last years at Edmonton either.