Is Kerry Joseph injured ?

I was at the Stamps game, and I don't know if anyone else noticed that Kerry Joseph injured himself in the 2nd quarter and came out after the half with both ankles taped up. He ran very little in the 2nd half and was limping slightly. Was there anything mentioned on T.V. about it ? I had my radio with me and I don't think the Team 1200 reported anything about it. Anyone know ? :frowning:

They did mention it on TV, and they even replayed the shot of him limping on the sidelines a little, but I haven't heard anything about it since.

I was at the game and he did walk off limping, but in the 2nd half he seemed to walk it off.
I listen to sports radio during the day and they haven't mentioned it and they would have been the first to say something if this was an issue...

I’d hate to see any one go down, but I sure hope he sits out for the Sask game and then comes back, cause were hurting worse then you right now and need him out to have a game of it.

I havne't heard anythign about it.

I think he's nursing a sore ankle but it's no more then something he can play through...

He's plain a simple being rushed by all oposing D's - our Oline is not helping him much so far this year...

And the other thing is I think he's being told to not run unless he needs too. There were 3 occasions I noticed vs EE that he should have just tucked the ball an run, but instead he chose to throw it away.

i read in the sun this morning that he’s a little banged up, but will play on Friday