is Keith Stokes still unemployed?????

…Did not like Reid returning kicks,IF he doesn’t perform better next time out…i think we better start dialing Mr. Stokes’ number… MAYBE we can squeeze him in under the cap…if not we may have to do some creative math. ??? :roll:

What hurts more is that Dorsey is wearing Argo Blue!

Water under the bridge, but makes you wonder about personnel assessment.

What did you expect ? I can't believe that our special teams coach, McDiarmid, still has a job after last years fiasco.

Fred Reid's physical abilities are not an issue but he clearly hasn't been coached properly on when to concede a single and when to run it out. Or when to leave a kickoff that is headed out of bounds.

Those three plays alone probably cost the Bombers 100 yards in field position.

It's the same old story with this guy. Nothing gets better until Berry has to step in himself and correct things.

I will say this though, Berry finally acknowledged after the TO game, that both players and COACHES have to be better. I like to believe that McDiarmid is now on thin ice.