is Keith Shologan worth picking at #1

The days of Saskatchewan fleecing us are over. If Tillman or anyone else wants the top pick, they will have to give us their #1 pick, and a young, proven impact starter. If we dealt with the Riders, that would mean Fantuz, which they will not do, or Chick, which they also will not do. The only other Rider worth asking for is Lloyd, a great LB who they may part with.

Is that you Scott? :lol:

Exactly, the days of sask fleecing us are over and if there wasnt so much drama in sask's offseason (i.e. austin gone, joseph traded) we may have had a better shot at getting chick or fantuz.

Who we would get in return? I'm not sure since I'm not too familiar with the Sask roster & i'm not the GM. But maybe Obie can table an offer to Tillman for fantuz/chick that he can't refuse! (see the Godfather) :lol: