is Keith Shologan worth picking at #1

Don't know much about this guy, other than experts says he's the best available D-Lineman in the draft.

Does anyone (who has actually seen him play) know if this guy, who is only about 280 lbs, can get serious pressure on the QB in the CFL? He seems seriously undersized for a DT. Does he possess serious speed, or great moves? Would he be any better than Clinton Wayne or Jermaine Reid?

Obie has suggested that he wants to start
only one Canadian on the Defensive Line.

IMO. that would make Keith Shologan
a backup for Nautyn Mc Kay-Loesser.

However Ken Peters suggests Obie
will choose a D-lineman or a receiver.

April 08, 2008

Our Lucky Seven Canucks

The days of the Tiger-Cats starting
10 to 12 Canadians are over.

The Cats will play with the league-mandated
minimum seven Canuck starters.

Where will they play?

This is where Obie expects
they will be employed:

Offensive line (3)
Tailback (1)
Receiver (1)
Defensive line (1)
Linebacker (1)

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Yes, it would make sense that Shologan would back up McKay as a DE rather than play DT. And that could be a great way to train an up and coming young Canadian rush end...learning from the best Canadian rush end in the CFL. From that standpoint it would be a good pick.

And if we could get Darryl Stephenson with the #8 pick to backup Lumsden, that would create great Canadian depth at two key positions for our club.

Shologan is a DT - he would not be backing up McKay-Loescher at DE.

The only 7 NIs need apply stuff is pretty amusing - but not surprising with the type of thinkers who run CFL teams - no need for some of the Canadian guys on the roster to get to compete at some positions that really need competition, eh? - better to just assume it’s better to hand the jobs to Americans who are pencilled in at certain positions. Kinda sad or pathetic really.

If all this proves correct you can forget taking a safety first over-all in the draft.
Our new starting safety will be Matt Griebel.

I think you're right.

Creehan prefers Americans in the defensive backfield.

In that vein, it will be interesting to see who starts at the corners and at HB. Remember, we have Americans Lawrence Gordon, Jykine Bradley, Jermaine Mays, Bo Smith, Chris Thompson, Dennis Mitchell, Calvin Carlyle and maybe Ryan Glasper (who is listed as a DB on the roster) fighting it out for 4 starting spots.

Does anyone (who has actually seen him play) know if this guy, who is only about 280 lbs, can get serious pressure on the QB in the CFL? He seems seriously undersized for a DT.
Well for one that would be the same weight as Wayne and pretty close to Belli.

280 is NOT undersized for DT in the CFL. The Cats started Howard Hodges for a few games last season at DT and he is only 255.

There was even a Nose Tackle for the Bills (forget his name) a few years ago that was only 270.

Keith Shologan is the real deal.

Here is what he posted at the UCF Pro Day March 20

Height 6014
Weight 297
40 - 5.15
20 - 2.97
10 - 1.81
Broad Jump: 8’2"
Short Shuttle 4.71
3 Cone: 7.76
Bench- Pro Lift - 32

He has average to above average numbers as compared with the NFL Combine for the DT’s.

2007 Stats

33 total Tackles
20 solo Tackles 13 Asst
Tackles for loss 6.0-15
Sacks 2.5-6
QB Hurries 7
Fumble recovers 1-0
C-USA All Star
Academic All American 1st Team
Team Captain

Played in all 50 career games started in 47 games

He has more career starts than any UCF player in
UCF history

In the 2007 Liberty Bowl
8 Tackles, 5 solo 3 assit
2 tackles for loss
1QB sack
2 QB Hurries

He was in the back field all day.
He is a incredible run stopper

Some impressive numbers by Shologan at those tests - 297 lbs. is signifigantly bigger than the 280 cited earlier here; and 32 bench reps is pretty impressive - maybe he will get an NFL look with those numbers - pro football "scouts" are pretty big on measureables. Bekasiak did 33 bench reps at the CFL Combine though and also bested Shologan's numbers on pretty well all the other tests there.

Here's a bright thought though - Shologan could be drafted and converted to O-line - he's big and strong and we really don't want Canadian guys get a shot to compete at DT - that position should be pencilled in for and handed to Americans only; Shologan could compete with Bekasiak for a back-up / needs to "develop" O-line spot.

Wally Buono’s 7 Canadian policy
turned around B.C. in a hurry.

Hopefully, a couple of our present Canadian players
will perform far better at Training Camp

than the Americans recruited at their position
causing Obie to break his 7 Canadian policy.

Clue: look at our present Canadian
Receivers and perhaps our D-linemen.


Telling the media he will start 7 Canadians
and listing their positions does make it more difficult
for other teams to guess which players he might draft.

Smoke Screen are Always apart of Drafts.
Teams want to Influence Who trades up and down
Trying to Gain more picks or a Beter spot to get there Guy.

This what Make the NFL Draft Watchable for 2 days for me
I Turn off my phone ICQ ect ect
I cut all Connections with the outside world for 2 days.
Watching the draft It Really Enjoyable put I love the Quite.

The CFL Draft is quicker and lasting less then 4 hours
But still Fun to watch and see who going where.
I hope One day the CFL Draft will be as Enjoyable for me.

Start the Best players we have imo, if that means starting 3 nonimports or 20 so be it, But put the best team and players on the field.

Wally's policy ??? - where did you get that from? Is Wally stupid enough to go with such a pre-determined, biased "policy"?

FYI - the 06 BC GC Champs started at least 8 NIs - including 3 receivers and the MLB; and Wally's 92 GC Champ Stamps team had something like 11 NI starters.

I saw Shologan play in a couple of games last fall on TV and was quite impressed with him. His 5.1 time in the 40 is not real fast, maybe he has bulked up (to 297) to impress the NFL. He could play a little lighter in the CFL which might take a few ticks off his 40 time.
But he looked quick enough to me for the short rushes a DL has to make going after the QB. If he was a FB you could say he runs downhill and is awful tough to block one on one.
Reminds me a little bit of the great John Barrow. IMO he could move into most CFL teams five men rotations in his first year.

I would think Hamilton's first pick will be either Giguere, Shologan or Barker. It may come down to what NFL interest there is in these guys. They won't want to waste a pick on somebody who will not be avavilable for a while.

According to KP:
At this point I'd say it's 50-50 Cats trade the number one or keep it and nab Shologan.
Either way, the Cats should be much more improved after April 30.

To be honest I'd say 60-40 they'll trade the pick for a canadian starter and a first round draft pick. I'll say that the team we deal to will be Sask for two reasons:

  1. They would love to have Barker
  2. We've dealt with them in the past
  3. They own the 5th draft pick overall (via TOR) so we can still draft a good Canadian.

I got that from Obie in an early press conference
which is still available right here on Ticats TV.

Perhaps I should have called it
a guideline instead of a policy.

Listen to it yourself and hear what he said.

He spoke of Wally starting 7 Canadians last year
and said that was a guideline they used in Calgary.

He said he will likely use the same guideline here.


Teams weren't allowed to have
as few as 7 starters in 1992.

When a rule is changed, smart football people
adapt to them quickly to take advantage of it.

The fact Wally used 8 NI's in 2006
proves this 7 NI thing is guideline

and he isn't biased when an 8th NI
is better than an import at his position.

Shologan plays faster than his stats! He is very fast of the ball and is being graded as a technique 3 player in 4 - 3 schemes by NFL scouts

He played at 290-295 in this past season. Scouts are commenting on his motor and ability to play in the fourth quarter when other players are washing out.

In my mind he will never be a O lineman. He also is being considered in the DT postion in the NFL where they are judging his ability not his nationality.
Remember he comes out of a fairly good level of competion in the NCAA in the C-USA and has more college experince than the majority of American bred DT's. His level of experince is agianst schools of likes of Texas,NC State,Wisconsin,USF to name a few. I don't really think you can consider him as a "Canadian player in a American position" when in reality he has more college playing time than any of the American DT's that you will see at the CFL training camps this spring.

Some of you seem to think 5.1 40 speed is slow for a DT. Its not whatsoever actually. If he were a WR/SB then that would be slow but he is a DT and weighs 280-290.. not 180-200. Most O-lineman even at the pro level run in the 5.7-6.2 range. That means he has enough speed to get good pressure.

5.1 40 speed is very respectable for a DT.

Good post derubemi. Your suggestion makes some sense. Hamilton sends the #1 pick to the Green Riders for their pick, #5, so the Cats have 2 picks in the first round, plus a starter from Saskatchewan; what starter would you (a) like to get in return, and (b) think the Cats CAN get in return?