Is Kavis Reed the worst playcaller in the league????

What is it his year with shirt yardage from the shotgun? We've seen it several times and its sucked every single one. Dan Hawkins was a rookie to the league and a moron, but what is Burkes excuse?

Burke has concentration issues.

That's an awfully big shirt if you're measuring in yards! 8)

Sorry, couldn't resist.

BS or BIG BS. In a 20 second or 10 seconds with some uncertain OC has head set and communication with QB.
Play has to be called NOW right now. NO team meetings. All coaches have to be ready team players.
Now if there's a time out or official time out then discussion take place.
I'm not a big Reed fan however he can only improve. Does any one really think Reed wanted Ricky TRADED.

I don't mean it goes through the HC when the plays are being called, I mean everything that happens on the team is under the HC's watch. So if this happens a few times it's Reed's job to have a sit down with the OC and figure out why this is happening and to stop it, when it happens several times, he's either not making it clear or not doing a good job of notifying. It's HIS staff, he will be held accountable in some (be it as it may, small) compacity.

Idk where this Ricky thing came from, but if I'm Reed I'd be talking with Hervey in the offseason about who I like as a QB and when the trade for Reilly went down, be making it clear I'd like to build the OLine. I don't feel there's alot of communication done with Kavis running the show, that's the biggest thing. The person this is effecting the most in a negative is Reilly, taking a beating week in and week out.

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I'll grant you the Ray trade was a sucker punch, but he's in his third season as HC, if he's not getting it done yet and still needs more time I think that's a problem. Oh yeah, his record; 11-7, 7-11 and this season 1-5. I'll cut him some slack for dropping 4 wins after Ray was traded, but what are the odds he even goes 6-6 to finish and match last seasons record? He's falling not climbing.