Is Kavis Reed the worst playcaller in the league????

It just seems like when it comes to crunch time he makes the dumbest calls. Running the ball at the end of the Montreal game, running the same KJ option play against Hamilton in the dying seconds for the two points. I'm not trying to bash the guy just questioning some of his playcalling choices.

The tittle would suggest you are bashing him a little, and his is not the OC.

Something more to it I think. Don't recall this kind of consistent, questionable coaching decisions last year from him.

2 Years ago he coached the ESKS to an 11-7 season,then the dumb dumbs in management trade away his All-Star Q.B. Ray for a bag of used footballs and a roll of tape,2 seasons ago he was a coach of the year canditate,suddenly he can't coach anymore???? gimmeee a friggin break,upper managments to blame for the Esks downfall.....not the coach!!!

Even you have to admit that Kavis's coaching staff has made some really dumb decisions this year.

Chuckle,LOL.....Admittedly agree,yes they have had me scratching my noggin somewhat!!! :roll: :wink:

Gotta remember it was Reed's group as S.T. co-ordinator that caused the 13the man fiasco for the Riders in the G.C. loss to Montreal. Have always wondered about his spur of the moment, heat of the battle ability to get the job done. Probably a good X's and O's guy, but game management hasn't exactly been his strong suite, no matter his role.

Sorry, 20+ games played....a player needs to know when to be on the field on ST or not. Do you expect a coach to go pat 12 guys on the helmet and say 'you're up' and still have their personnel on the field and ready?

I'm thinking they obviously had more than one S.T. units. Miscommunication came from somewhere, and since it's his group some of the blame has to fall on his shoulders.

To answer the question... Yes!

Also he can't count. Considering the importance of the game, and the emotions, he should have ensured a count was done. Even call a timeout (Miller should have done this regardless to put pressure on Al's field goal kicker) if there was any questions..

I agree with not placing the 09 GC on his head alone but given the complete melt down situations we've recently seen with heat of the moment situations under his watch I can't help but look at him. I mean regardless of if it's the OC calling the O plays for the Esks it all goes through the HC

Being the creator of this thread I'd like to change the title to Is Tim Burke the worst playcaller in the league???

They had no timeouts, and it is the returner’s job to do the count, which he did, but knew it was too late because the play was already blown in. The bench realized the issue before the snap. Does he deserve some of the blame…for sure…but he took the brunt of it, which is really not fair…no coach could have done anything about that. he can not run out on the field and say “you’re not supposed to be out here.” the returners is supposed to do a count, and if there are too many, step out of bounds…it was too late.

He's in the running after tonight. BC didn't win that game, Winnipeg lost it.

No doubt

There has to be consequences...

Didn't know Read was the OC and called the plays. Interesting????????????

End of the day it all goes through the HC

Good point Riders17....that safety and subsequent t.d by the Lions was a 9 pt swing in a game the B.B.'s could have and should have won.Also the 3rd down gamble pitchout from the shot-gun formation was a real headscratcher as well.Right now my vote for worst coach and playcaller goes to Burke as H.C. and Crowton as O.C. prediction....Burke will follow Hawkins and be the next H.C. to walk the plank this season.The B.B.'s have some good quality players on their team,but without proper coaching there going nowhere this season.

I don't blame him too much for the safety but other than that I completely agree with you. Last night was the blindfold before the plank pushing for Burke. At least you would have to think so.