Is Jyles already the Best Rushing QB in the League?

After just two games he has more yards than Calvillo, Lemon and almost as many as Ray.
He has more yard per carry than any other QB (or RB for that matter) at 9.1

He knows when to stop running and hook slide and he also knows when to when not to hook slide and to push for an extra yard.

What do you think?

he's behind Burris and Durant.

Sure, he's a good rusher. When that translates into touchdowns perhaps it'll mean something.

Sample size is too small to make any meaningful conclusions.

Last season, Jyles had over 450 yards and 4TD's rushing the ball, and he only started what, 8 or so games?

If he wasn't injured, he may have had near 1000 yd rushing with 9-10 TD's.

Sounds like good numbers to me.

Note that rushing frequency doesn't mean a thing about how good they actually are at rushing. So he might catch up to some guys that he is not actually better than.

And tangledweb, he played way more than 8. Pierce started 3, Brink started 1, Elliott started 2, that gives Jyles 12 starts and considering injury fill-in time for Buck, the quarter + OT of filling in for Brink, and around a half of football missed due to injury himself, he probably played the equivalent of 13 games. Nowhere near a 1000 yard rushing threat.

His 9.1 average so far this year can't be used to argue anything because it's only two games. I saw a ton of him last year and both games this year - and I do like him quite a bit - I put him behind Durant, Burris, Lulay and Pierce. Not to say he isn't good, he's a very good rusher. He's 5th on my list but closer to #1 (Durant) than #6 (Ray/Calvillo/Glenn, take your pick really).

He's behind Durrant and then Burris.

He is a good rusher, he always has been. But I think that if Lewis and Romby weren't so open all the time, that Burris would have a lot more yards. Also, I wouldn't doubt that Kerry Jospeh would still have darn good numbers if he had enough playing time.

he also fumbled about 9 times last year rushing the ball.. i'll say this and i dont care if its jyles or whoever the qb is.. if he's a run first qb or a check the first read, he's covered then run qb like jyles... i'd pass on that qb. cfl is a passing league. would a guy like mike vick work in the cfl tho? yup but he can also pass at times too.

Jyles puts up good stats.. thats what he did in winnipeg last year too but when the game was on the line, (except when he came off the bench vs bc on thanksgiving) the dude craps the bed. those interceptions or turnovers that happened in the 4th quarter last week vs sask.. nothing new from jyles. saw it all too often last year. good stats yup, good numbers but just the dumbest decisions when the game is on the line.. argos deserved to win that game last week.. they lost tho cuz jyles crapped the bed in the 4th.

how many times have durant and burris fumbled this season? plenty!

How many times have they fumbled while running? Burris like once? Durant maybe twice? I usually don’t fault a QB for fumbling when he gets creamed on a blind blitz or hit while throwing.

But QB fumbles always fall under running stats so it looks bad.

On the other hand, QB running avg is always inflated because if a QB gets tackled for a loss it almost always goes as a sack. All those negative carries hurt the RBs avg. QB doesn’t have that problem. Also, RBs usually get carries when the defense expects the RB to carry or are spying him. Who spies a QB? QBs run by design maybe 2 or 3 times per game. The other carries are broken plays when the QB sees a big opening.

Jyles barely threw any interceptions last year in the first place, we lost games at the end due to poor clock management or turnovers by other players (the game after the BC game, he was leading us back against Montreal and TJH fumbled it away), rarely due to Jyles turning it over, and you know what? even when he made mistakes.. he's a first year starter. of course he's not going to be perfect.

how people expect a guy who hasn't played football in a year to be perfect after two starts with a bunch of useless receivers and then Durie and Rideau is beyond me. it's not his fault Toronto doesn't know what they're doing and decided to throw him in mid-season without any sort of meaningful reps anywhere in almost a year.

gonna have to give Jyles until at least the end of this season before any fair opinion of his future can be formed.. but even then, until the Argos get him someone to pass to, he's going to have his troubles.

as for QB fumbles.. usually they're on sacks and shouldn't really be considered when discussing QB rushing.