Is Justaguy just a guy?

Is he?

not only is he just s guy but a great guy!! and kinda smart too!!

Kinda? What do you mean, Kinda?! :wink:

Yes Just a Guy is a great Guy

But if he's a 'great' guy then he's not 'justaguy'. I'm confused.....

No, you're Mark. But then again, if you're 'Mark', but think you're somebody else, maybe you are 'confused'. That means that you are both. Is that possible? Help! Now I'm conf... HELP!!

Does it help if sometimes I WISH that I was someone else. After all, I carry many heavy responsibilities and many people know me. Sometimes I wish that I were just a guy.

Ah, the terrible burden of fame, notoriety, and popularity
The world is full of people who are 'just a guy'. We have too few Special People. Since you are in that select group, steady on!'s...'I wish that I WERE somebody else'....couldn't resist throwing that in, my friend.'s...'I wish that I WERE somebody else'....couldn't resist throwing that in, my friend.
It's okay Wilf. I understand if YOU also wish to be someone else. There's no need to be shy about it.

I don't. But, if I did, I would wish to be someone 60 years younger than I am now.
Don't we all wish we could go back, now that we really know all the answers, instead of being 20 and THINKING we know it all.

(With apologies to all those teens and 20 somethings who are convinced that all wisdom is the exclusive property of the young.)

Thus endeth today's sermon!

Amen brother

Then again, how do we know we aren't all dreaming right now?

Who shot JR?

i think just a guy shot j r!! lol

How much did he pay you to post that?? :wink:

He is pretty funny though. :smiley:

"JustAGuy" graced me with free food a few times up in his private box....what's not to like?.....hahahaha

Serious, he's a good guy and I respect him.

cheers mate!


(ps...I'm just glad the focus is on JAG now and not my goofy pic in the :wink:

Okay, would you people stop with the ego boost!! Trust me, he doesn't need it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I've got super-duper secret info that this is "JAG''s secret ball cap on "Black-Out" night....look for it..... :wink:

Okay. Some of you with special knowledge know that JustAGuy isn't just a guy but is just a guy with a private box or a special ballcap or is kinda smart. For all I know these are just disguises.

What I want to know is, when I'm at the stadium looking for JustAGuy am I looking for any particular guy or just a guy?