is John Hufnagel?

Is Hufnagel this years Austin? The Stamps look good. Real good.

Burris looked good. The offence was balanced. And the O-Line gave Burris all the time he needed.

It looks to me like the Lions could be dethroned. :smiley:

just to correct you - the lions currently have no throne to be taken - thats the Riders :slight_smile:

They do have a "sort-of" throne in being the 1st place team in the west. A mini-throne of sorts.

And that's what I meant. For the last 4 or 5 years, the Lions have won the West Division. But the Stamps could dethrone them this season.

I wasn't paying attention as much I had liked to because I was at work during the game today, but I think that everyone already knew the Stamps had one of the best offenses, I think the big question mark is still how improved is the defence?

It seemed like everytime I looked up the Stamps had the ball though, so I didn't see much in that regard.

the stamps d looked fanatastic, good play reading, dl and lbs getting good pressure, gang tackles down field, ds looked to have good coverage. they are a scary lookin team this year.

Stamps looked very, very good, they could be the frontunners in the west. BC's days just might be over as a premier team.

so far, I am on record somewhere, as picking the stamps to win the cup, just because of the hufnagel factor

except, now I have probably gone and jinxed them :slight_smile: