Is Joe Smith truly a god?

From what we saw last year, Joe Smith was a dominant running-back in the league. He had an impressive yards/per carry and when a good receiving threat.
Will we ever truly know if Joe Smith is a god? Maybe not for the next few decades…

ps… Try to cheer up even though your stadium is not getting upgraded for another 10-15 years or so!

No, but Charles Roberts is.

I am so looking forward to seeing what Joe Smith can do with a full year as a starter. I have a feeling he's gonna rip it up next year. Go LIONS Go.

Ya well , who has the Grey Cup ring? :lol:

Joe Smith is one fine back for sure , we're happy to have him.

until he out rushes Sir Charles, hes just another average joe on a really good team.

Average joe is right drummer...
If we are going to count rings, Tim Jessie has one..
Mr Roberts.... answers the bell, year after year..
You the man Charles, take a bow..

Joe Smith is a solid back. The team had a great passing offence so no one was really keying on the guy though.

...Smith is definitely a quality back....different category than Blink....but lots of talent and a load to bring down....This guy has a great future in the CFL.... :wink:

Until Mr. Roberts gets that ring he is just another statistical lost soul in Winnipeg. Roberts, Stegall, Brock, great talents that failed to win the big game.

For now Joe Smith is a guy who was in the right place at the right time. Don't reserve a shelf in the Hall of Fame until he proves himself over the long run. The big picture in B.C. also needs to be taken into account, it is a lot easier for a running back to stand out when you have the total package the Lions did this year. You can't key on Smith when you have Geroy and friends killing you with the pass game.

Nice post and poll EastSideAllouette, but Joe Smith is a different kind of running back from a Charles Roberts. We're happy to have him, but he's more of a power style back, where I think Roberts is more of a speedy kind of back. Both fits into their respective teams offensive schemes well.

Lets see how Mr. Smith does in his second year. A little early yet to be making big comparisons.