Is Jesse worth a big contract

I read that jesse lumsden worth a big contract his production seems to have never really been that good.I think the transition from the cis to cfl hasnt really worked.Thats a waste of money to throw at a guy who been hurt for most of his pro career i dont care if he is canadian thats the main reason for the big contract.I think the guy is washed up and his straight up running style gets him pounded way to much

Well, put a 1200 yard rusher behind Ricky Ray and the Esks chances of a winning a GC get a whole lot better.

How many seasons do you think it will take for him to hit 1200?

Injury prone I think he is not worth the money to be honest. You can not argue about his a bility at running back.

Actually, his production - when he is playing - is actually pretty good. I think his average per carry was something like 6.8 yrds last year. Team in any football league would take that. But I do agree with you that I find it hard to justify a large contract for him because chances are he will be in fewer than half the games but taking up a roster spot/getting paid/taking cap space for all of them. Any team that takes him is taking that risk. It is true that Canadians in "skill positions" get a bit of a premium (which I know is a bone of contention for you), but in this case, it is just adding to the risk that a team takes. If he gets a "substantial" contract, it will be because there is a team out there willing to take the risk of injury; that he is Canadian is anciliary (and, I might add, that team is foolish to do so if one does so, imho). I'd give him a performance-based contract if I gave him one at all - that way, if he gets injured, it transfers who bears the risk and doesn't affect as directly the bottom line.

Over the past 2 seasons when Jesse has been available for the whole year, he has helped us win 3 games.

Even when he is healthy, every game is not 100 yards. Teams key on him and he gets stopped.

Jesse is a good player, when healthy but he hasn't played a full season and hasn't reached 1000 yards yet in a season.

He needs an incentive laden contract but I think someone will be dumb enough to sign him.

I love Jesse to death but he hasn't helped us win even when he's healthy.

IMO: a fair contract for Jesse would be 85 000.00 per season +2500.00 per game played if he plays 10 games or more and another 10K if he gets 1500 yardsl from scrimmage.

Worst case he gets 85k
Best case he plays a full season and puts up stats. 140k