Is Jeremiah Masoli "Most Outstanding Player" In CFL This Year?

There has been some argument here about that. Marcus Ball weighs in on the two horse race between Masoli and Reilly for Most Outstanding Player in his opinion. His take on Bo Levi Mitchell with respects to that equation as well according to the Toronto Sun Article, Sept 3rd.

HAMILTON — Jeremiah Masoli might not be getting the credit some of the Western Conference quarterbacks are getting in the CFL, but take it from Argonauts linebacker Marcus Ball. That’s a mistake.
“(Masoli) and Mike (Reilly) are hands down running away with that thing,? Ball said of the league’s Most Outstanding Player race.
Ball got his first on-field look at Masoli onn Monday night and came away duly impressed. Masoli threw for three touchdowns and 385 yards in the 42-28 win over the Argos. To hear Ball tell it, he basically did so by himself.
And Ball, to be clear, says this is a two-man race. There is no room for Calgary quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell in his MOP conversation.
“Bo is average,? Ball said. “Bo just has a lot of heat around him. That boy (Masoli) makes them boys (in Hamilton) contenders. He is MOP all day. Him and Mike. You see Mike winning games every week by himself. Same way here.
“Those two guys are playing on another level,? Ball said. “They make their teams better. They make their offences click. It’s hard to get to either of them. Both have top receiving corps and both get it done with their legs. They get out of the pocket, they make moves and they make it tough.?

Not Zach Collaros or Johnny Football?

I will just say, and re-iterate one of my few pre-season predictions, that he will be at least the Eastern nominee for most outstanding player.

Yeah… that’s odd, isn’t it?

Will depend on the team’s record.

It’s amazing that even with his guaranteed pick each game he’s still in this conversation. But it’s one thing when fans say it and another thing when your opponent - who you just beat - isn’t afraid to say it to reporters.

Mediocre Mitchell. Has a nice ring to it!

You mean not how many 300 yard passing games he has? I’m just joshin’ ya, Crash!


One player’s opinion lets bear in mind. Oh…he wouldn’t be trying to physh out Masoli for the rematch ala Scottie Boman would he?? Nahh.

Good for Masoli on a great game… but im curious watch his, zach’s and johnny’s careers over the next 3 years before we can make any definitive statements.

11 in his last 12 games.

To answer the thread heading, and as a dedicated Masoli supporter and owner of a No. 8 Masoli jersey - not yet. I think to be MOP, a player, especially as QB, is expected to lead his division, or lead the league in statistics for his position, and demonstrate leadership in the locker room and on the field. Although I like Jeremiah’s aggressiveness for throwing the ball down field when boxed and trapped, his occasional lapses in judgement leading to interceptions, do not bode well for MOP honours. Sometimes you have to “know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em”.

If he manages to take the team to first place in the East, I think he would be worthy of an Eastern nomination, but Reilly, Mitchell, Harris, Hughes and Williams, out West are having good years too.

Has a QB ever won or been nominated for MOP with more picks than TD passes?
Not rhetorical. Its a question.

It will probably be Bethel-Thompson because the CFL and the media always want the Argos to win these individual awards. Even when they don’t deserve it like when Marc Trestman won CFL Coach of the year for leading the Argos to a 9-9 record when Chris Jones had a better record in Saskatchewan and lead the Riders to a bigger improvement from the 2016 then the Argos had. Then James Wilder Jr. won CFL Rookie of the Year after only playing half a season. Again the CFL and the media favouring the Argos, who suck by the way.

If there was anything calculating behind the statement I think it could have been meant more for Bo Levi Mitchell because of the timing of it. Little coincidence Ticats have the Stamps coming up at THF and if he can spark a fire under BLM's butt for this game and make him feel he has something to prove, Argos could be the beneficiaries.

The answer is yes .

Ron Lancaster won the MOP (then known as the Schenley Award) in 1970 for Saskatchewan despite throwing 16 TD's vs 22 ints on the season .

Lancaster also captured the award in 1976 with an even 25 TD's vs 25 ints on the season .

It's also interesting to note that the 'Little General" in his stellar 19 yr career actually threw more ints(396)then TD's (333) . As a matter of fact Lancaster actually threw for more ints then TD's a total of 13 times in his 19 yr career . He also had two seasons where he threw just as many TD's as ints . One of them of course being the aforementioned "76" MOP season .

Another QB who captured the MOP with more ints then Td's was Don Jonas (Wnp) in the 1971 season. He won the award despite throwing 31 picks vs 27 TD passes .

The late great Jackie Parker won two league MOP's as a QB but in both those seasons (58,60)threw more ints then TD passes . (58 - 8 tds , 16 ints / 60 - 6 tds , 10 ints)

There is also Tom Clements(Wnp) in "87" who well he didn't throw more picks then TD passes still threw an astounding 30 ints vs 35 TD's on the season on his way to winning the MOP Award .

Point in either case he’s pumping Masoli 's tires as a strategy.

I think only when / if we get back to ZC win levels, can we even consider Masoli an MOP.

During the TSN broadcast they said that Marcus Ball also declared himself to be the best linebacker in the CFL.

I wonder if there was a strategic rationale behind that statement as well?

Contact negotiations? Haha

Put it this way… all these questions about MOP, is he elite etc.

When we had ZC behind centre, I expected to win every game. If we lost, I was surprised.

With masoli, there aren’t many opponents I look at and say “ya, we’ll win this week”. If we had Ottawa this week, my gut tells me we could win, but don’t expect it.

Again, until masoli shows better decisions and more consistency, I’m not prepared to say he should be our guy.