Is Jeremaine Copeland "done" ??

I've been a fan of Jeremaine Copeland since
his days dominating in NFL Europe and the XFL
many years ago ... but so far this season,
statistically, he has been average (at best).

I live in the U.S. so I don't get to see any CFL games.
Can somebody tell me if it appears that
he has finally lost his step this year?

Calgary has a great receiving corp. I suspect that Burris is spreading the ball around. Lewis and Rambo are talented receivers so they are getting ball as often if not more.

No Copeland is far from being done. As Sporty stated the Stamps have six to seven receivers that are getting the ball. He had a stand out game a few weeks ago.

If anyone thinks Copelands done they must be smoking some nasty !!!

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Never mind Charles Roberts done??? just kidding stamp fans...Congrats on a great game...I thought we were going to cough up another one to the visitors...but we found enough to give you a good run... :wink:

The turn overs hurt that is for sure.

Its as everyone else said, In montreal Copeland was one of two good receivers there, him and Cahoon... In Calgary he has Nik, and Rambo to deal with, plus a very established running back. As everyone else said, Burris is spreading the ball around alot.

Your right the ball is spread out so of course it will look bad as far as stats. But each player in the receiving group has had a game to shine in. Ifeel bad for Thewell a very good Canadian receiver having to be regulated to a back up. That guy is still great and is used sparingly.

How many balls did Copeland miss? That was very uncharacteristic for him!

About the Armour DQ...he got jobbed!

Jermaine was not the only guy dropping passes. He definitely had a bad game. But hardly enough to say he is washed up or should be having the finger pointed at him. This was a team loss from coaches and players. I would hope they go into Regina on mission to embarass the Riders anything short of that would be out right pathetic.

I don't know if Copeland is washed up or not, all I know is I picked him in my fantasy league, and every week I kick myself in the ass.

I hear ya!

I drafted him as my #1 receiver ...
and decided to flat-out drop him a couple weeks ago.
I've done better with guys that I picked up off
the waiver wire (Kelly Campbell, Romby Bryant).

...and don't even get me started on Kerry Joseph. :roll:

Us in Hamilton will gladly take Jermaine Copeland off your hands!

I think Copeland is going through a tough stretch no need to panic.