Is Jason Maas far behind?

QB Joseph inks new deal with 'Riders

Congratulations to Kerry Joseph
for accepting a 1/3 cut in pay
for the sake of the team.

If Jason did the same it could help
to attract some key veterans here.


Too bad, this hasn't been done yet
because we have already lost players
to save money to get under the cap.

As a matter of fact, Jason Maas accepted a contract adjustment
with Edmonton when he was recovering from shoulder surgery.

They said they would make it up to him
if he came back and had some success
late in the season, which he did do

and then they re-wrote his contract
for next year and STUCK US WITH IT!

they didn't re-write his contract and then stick it with u....

are your that foolish to believe THATS what happened?!?!?!

he was making that money all along, but the esks didnt want anyone to know how much money they were they lied and said they were paying him less, and that they gave him a big fat raise b4 shipping him to hamilton.

if u believe the eskimo version of the story, then i guess u believe the 'mass to hamilton' deal was really done after the '05 season and not the moment hamilton sent troy davis to edmonton!

maas is so overatted.

I personally think that the Cats haven't attempted to renegotiate with Maas because they already think he will be cut in training camp after losing the starting job to Butler.

i think they'll ask jason maas to take his pay cut later, perhaps closer to training camp (and the savings can go into a contingency/slush fund, such as for injured players and bonuses), but only if he makes the team.
there is no way he's worth his $400k+ salary, not with the season he had — pulled in numerous games, shut down in the last three, all the fumbles and crappy interceptions. yes he was hurt, yes he missed his wife, yes he missed edmonton, yes he missed danny maccocia — but this is pro football ... gut it out and be a pro and get some wins. that's all you gotta do
i personally don't think he's going to be here this year.

They'll probably wait and see how he throws the ball after his shoulder surgery. If there is little improvement then renegotiate or cut him, but I'd like to see him return to work with Butler, Maas has always been a team guy and would probably help Rocky out a lot.

Are you serious?

Maas is no team guy or he would have insisted that he get his shoulder rehabbed BEFORE comming back last season. He knew as well as anyone that our best chanceof winning did not include him at 25%


If you watched the latest Taaffe press conference, he said things like "hopefully Rocky can help us out by making some plays this year." Taaffe and his coaches are not looking at Butler as a second stringer.

Maybe yes maybe no. Taffe expects Rocky to play but that doesn't mean he expects him to start. NOBODY goes the season with one QB exclusively

Journalists interview people.
They don't rely on hunches
or sneaking suspicions, d-g.

Their reputations as professionals
depend on getting the facts correct.

How did you find out that the Edmonton version
of the story is NOT correct, drumming-god?

It has been stated publicly- it is Maas' job to lose.

Butler's been a 3rd stringer for the last 5 years (?) and wasn't able to move up the depth chart until injuries helped him out. Explain to me the logic in what is being said?

Last year it was Eakin, year before it was Brady, and on and on and on and on.

As a matter of fact, Jason Maas accepted a contract adjustment
with Edmonton when he was recovering from shoulder surgery.

I think Ron makes a good point here. If Maas were a man of character, he would have divulged early to the Ticats that he was playing injured. After all, football is a team game and Maas made all the right "character" moves in Edmonton, but he and the Eskimos pulled the wool over the eyes of the Ticats by coming in here as "still damaged" goods. So we're paying this guy in excess of $400 grand per season and he seemingly can't produce; at least, not so far, anyway. This kind of cash could go a long way in acquiring some quality personnel.

Now that Maas has had further surgery and says he is rehabbing well, I'd be skeptical of him when he comes to training camp. If he fails to produce early, I'd be looking to dump his contract.

I don't really have any knowledge of how these things are done, but I'm kind of skeptical that anyone got the wool pulled over their eyes on this.

When a team trades for a guy coming off of an injury, I'm pretty sure the trade doesn't get done as a gentleman's agreement. I just can't imagine, with all that's at stake, the process being anything like this:

Hamilton: So before we do the deal, is he 100%?
Edmonton: Oh yah, 110%
Hamilton: Jason, you 100%?
Maas: Absolutely.
Hamilton: Well OK. Here's $400K and the key to the city.

More likely, the Cats had all the medical information that they requested about his condition, had a team of very expensive sports medicine specialists look at all the data, got an assessment that said something along the lines of "he won't ever be 100% again but there's a decent chance he will recover well enough to play at a high level next year, but there is no guarantee" and decided, given their need for a proven QB, to roll the dice. And then,for whatever reason, the best case scenario didn't work out.

Lots of times these guys don't heal as well as they might the first time, and have to go under the knife again to clean up what they didn't get the first time. Hopefully this time they got it done and we'll see some of what we saw in Edmonton in Hamilton this year.

The point about Maas playing hurt and not divulging the extent of it is more plausible.

Makes perfect sense to me.

The 400K+ that Mass makes... will be back Ti-Cats pockets before the end of training camp.
That is if he is not traded sooner.
I really don't expect Mass to be with the team in 2007. After last years horror show...............
Jason has lost his focus/ can not keep his emotions in check. For the top buck area in the C.F.L. you can not expect that performance to be repeated.
Forget about the playing injured last year..crap.
This guy will be toasted....he was far to overrated and Edmonton is still laughing at us over the trade that brought him here.( behind closed doors ) :thdn: :thdn:

(section8since72) The point about Maas playing hurt and not divulging the extent of it is more plausible.
That's exactly my point. What I find even more irritating is the fact that this is not a good way for a team member to behave.

If you're part of a team, you pull out all the stops to help your team win. You certainly don't play while injured and not say anything about it.

Even more irritating is the fact that Ron Lancaster said last season that Maas had possible career ending injuries, yet he continued to play him until the fans, the media and finally management on on his back.

And he is over moused too!