First it was Damon Allen, then more recently the pitifull early season performance of Anthony Calvillo.
Now, two games in and it looks like Jason Maas of last year and he really has not produced anything with the Cats.
What should the Cats do, go with the raw rookie Timmy Chang? You might as well as half the team is new and they are defintely in a rebuilding phase.


Well I don't understand why Head coach Taafe would say all week that Maas is definately the starter. He was reiterating it so often it sounded like he was getting upset at the idea of another starter.

Then with 11 attempts under his belt and only half way into the 2nd quarter, Maas is watching from the sidelines.

IMO, If Maas was definately the starter, like the coach said, then he should've been given more playing time.

I guess what i am saying is, The coach made a bad choice in starting Maas.

Oh, and what was with Hamilton's centre and his high snaps on every single shotgun play?

Good luck Tiger-cats

Fortunately for me, I did not see this carnage, only the last 4 minutes or so.. I looked at the play-by-play on this site and saw it was 27-5, and it ended up being a 30-5 final for the Argos. I believe the whole Hamilton offensive scheme is flawed. Why doesn't the OC use the talents of Lumsden and Holmes better? Surely then can muster better than 19 yds between them. Hamilton does not have a quality receiver either. Its going to be a longggggggggggggg year in the Hammer.

The recievers and quarterbacks are clearly not on the same page and the playmakers aren't getting the ball. I think the issue is bigger than Maas and Chang.

i think damon allen and jason maas are done for this season damon allen i beleive will retire and jason maas will either sign with a new team or play arena football or something because they dont need him there timmy chang will mature into the starter for the ticats

imo the O line didnt help much either :oops: and some ppl r right, there offence is NOT on the same page :thdn:

I would not be surprised if the Cats cut Maas as his salary may not be guaranteed at least not during the first half of the season.
Then bring back Rocky Butler or how about starting a rumour, by trying to trade for Mike McMahon of the Argos.
Of course, not that my Argos would let McMahon go and didn't he look good in a mop up role.

I dont think even McMahon would have success with the Cats. Their whole offence is brutal. No protection from the Oline, no reliable receiver to pass to, and Lumsden and Holmes are , for the most part, invisible. Add to that terrible play selection on the OC's part, penalties galore, its possible the Cats might go 0-18 this year.

Their offence isnt even in the same book, let alone the same page...

Even though it was brief, but third stringer Richie Williams looks good.
Might as well give him a chance.

Bellefeuille may be willing to part with his Etch-a-Sketch…er, playbook…for a game or two to help out…

I thought it was a placemat from Humpty’s? Although a strong case could be made that a 6 year old drew on it with crayons, furthing upping the complexity of it.


i was at this game and fans were chanting for chang b4 the 1st qtr was done...they hate maas.

Is he? I can count at least a couple of easy drops by receivers when he was in, and receivers were running the wrong routes and not fighting for the ball. I think it was the Offense by committee that sucked, not just Maas.

Time for the Hamilton Tiger Cats organization to wake up and bench Jason Maas. It's time for Timmy Chang to take the driver's seat. In my opinion, they shouldn't have cut Rocky Butler.

Maas is a cat whose had 10 lives, not 9. He's been given more than his fair share of opportunities to turn this franchise around. Time to start looking elsewhere.

Timmy Chang will be the starter in Hamilton; whether it will be next week or next month is the question.

But Hamilton's offensive problems have very little to do with the QB. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY HAMILTON IS THE ONLY TEAM IN THIS LEAGUE THAT REFUSES TO THROW A 10-YARD PASS???? Last week Maas completed 70% of his passes, meaning that the plays were doing what they were designed to do. But the offence managed just three field goals.

Taaffe and Maas both insist that you can't rely on the long pass, though they seem to believe that you CAN rely on the short ones. Maybe in the NFL four yards a play is considered a good offence, but in three-down football all you get from that is a very tired punter.

We're not asking for 40 or 50 yard passes every play; we'd just like to see the team move the chains now and then. Every other team in the CFL is willing and able to throw passes of 10, 15, or 20 yards. But the Tiger-cats seem to be allergic to them. Against the Argos the Cats managed just 9 first downs, and had only 19 yards more offence than penalties.

Yet the Cats continue to insist you have to keep throwing those short little passes. To quote Dr. Phil, "How's that working for you?"

My personal opinion, he's done as a starter, no questions asked. Even though not all his fault but that doesn't matter.

Mass gets the blame as the figurehead of the offense, and he was brutal last year.

But lets face it. Chang didn't make much happen either. Hell, Doug Flutie couldn't do much with this offense.

The whole thing is broken. Replacing one player will not fix it.

Doesn't matter like I said. I think Taafe doesn't see Maas as the qb of the future. No proof, just my opinion.