Is James Wilder the biggest baby in the CFL?

No explanations needed for this thread . The guy should have a soother attached to his helmet and wear a diaper underneath his uniform .

This is what Simoni should have done to that friggin' little cry baby wimp .


What's funny about that video is only 1 kid out of the 10 in the frame actually even bothered to try and recover the fumble. :rofl:

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I am no fan of Wilder ... but this post is IMO disgusting.

Yes. I'd say he is.

I say he is as well, but that video is fake/staged

Give it up man Wilder is a Prima Donna and a cry baby and this post is funny AF

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What's so disgusting about it ? That my friend is a textbook hit . :rofl:


This one though...not so much ! :rofl:

Besides the fact that its fake?

So you’re saying that GIF is not an actual video of Wilder? I wonder how many of us were duped.


No I mean the play from whatever game that is supposed to be is fake



Fake is in the eyes of the beholder . :eyes: :rofl:

That gif is a reenactment of this play
6'11", 340 lbs. lineman hits 5"10, 204 lbs. defensive back CFL - YouTube



It's time to burn all these bridges. :fire:

The Cats are on a 2 game winning streak. (Soon to be 3.) :sunglasses:

Going to be a beauty evening in the Hammer this Friday.

Walking out of Scotia Bank Centre last night after the Leafs game someone saw my Ti-Cats mask. We proceeded to do a full blown, top of the lungs Oskee Wee Wee in the arena...

Toronto is so full of wankers...everyone just looked as us like we had three heads.

Game day can't come soon enough!

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A reminder that team forums are safe spaces for fans of that team. Debate and discussion are permitted, but trolling or arguing for the sake of arguing are not.


Nice. Harold Ballard would have been proud to hear the Oskee Wee Wee in a Leafs arena. :grinning:

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I still remember when he was owner of the Cats and infuriated everybody by putting the Cats logo at center ice . :laughing: