Is it worth watching the CFL draft? American Fan here wondering if the players drafted will even play at all like NFL rookies do when drafted first round

Please leave out COVID comments, obviously I'm talking in the future where there is a CFL season

It all depends if they already have a contract with an NFL team or their willingness to play in the CFL. Trey Rutherford in 2018 jumped to the second place on the board only by saying that he didn't have any intention to join a NFL camp and want 100 % to play in the CFL. On the other hand, TiCats fans can surely talk about WR Mark Chapman.

It also depends of the needs of each teams and their depth. However, because we didn't have any football since november, we will surely watch the draft with great interest.

Not that easy. The only way to watch the CFL draft in the US is via pirate stream.

It is still very much worth watching for CFL diehards. Obviously Claypool (Notre Dame) and Gallimore (Oklahoma) will slip way down. Can't see them being taken before say, the 6th or 7th round as 2nd round NFL picks will likely enjoy lengthy careers and may never see a CFL field.

Others like Dequoy, Hoecht, and O'Donnell will slip but since they are non-drafted NFL signees and there is no guarantee they will stay past preseason, they will drop to (I'm guessing) the 2nd and 3rd rounds, although someone may gamble on one of these guys in the 1st round. Many CFL first rounders will play special teams and/or back-ups in their rookie season with an outside shot at cracking the starting roster.

Our draft is very much a crap-shoot. It is getting harder and harder for me to stay excited as the Lions continually stub their toe in the first round.

It will be interesting to see where QB Nathan Rourke gets drafted .

Several CFL GM's see him vaulting to number 2 in depth chart . He is rated that high .

I find the CFL draft that much more entertaining due to the NFL factor. Teams have to take into account if players want to play in this league( players only linked due to a Cdn parent), if there is NFL interest, what level of NFL interest and how long do they wait if a top CDN has garnered NFL interest. The NFL is even looking at CDN's in Usports, before the risk was only Cdns in US college programs.
Scouting in the CFL has to be way more complicated than the NFL.
Do you take a guy in the first round and risk you may not see him for a year or 2, or never, or do you try to take him in the later rounds.
I like the uncertainty of the CFL draft.

I think it depends on what you want to get out of a draft. I watched the first round of the NFL draft, but aside from quarterbacks and a few others, I had no idea who these guys were. And I won't remember their names when I watch games.

For the CFL Draft, a lot of these guys will play in their first year (maybe half or so), even guys drafted in later rounds. 41 out of the 73 players drafted in 2019 played in regular season games in 2019 (including every player from the first 18 selections).

If you're familiar with the National ratio, it's interesting to see what positions get drafted for which teams. Drafting a Canadian running back is interesting, for example, since most teams play Americans at that position.

No, it's not worth watching the CFL draft and the CFL can't honestly survive without a 2020 season.

We have one regular poster on the Ti-Cat pages who follows Canadian born players in both the Canadian and US colleges. He is very knowledgeable on this topic and looks forward to seeing how the actual draft compares to his own speculations. He very much enjoys watching it.

For me personally, watching a draft is like watching 5 year olds play hockey. If your kid isn't among the participants, you might as well enjoy a cold beverage and watch the grass grow.

I have never watched the draft, but I do sometimes watch the combines. I keep track of a few players and check to see where they went.

sure it's worth watching the CFL draft, if you are interested in the CFL and who your team picks

thing is MRS TALLION, all one really has to do is google it after the fact. :slight_smile:

And instead of bothering to watch a live CFL game for 3 hours, I can just catch the highlights on Sportscentre too!

Of course it is worth watching, some of these guys will be future stars in the league, especially since it is a deep draft year.

Maybe the Lions need better scouting and management . Ed Hervey may be the problem . My Tiger-Cats really like him, well after the Simoni Lawrence and Jeremiah Masoli trade , 7 years later . :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

IMO for most, including me, it isn't worth watching simply because the players being selected are not as well known to the average CFL fan as compared to the NCAA players picked by the NFL ... plus ... the coverage (again IMO) is hardly entertaining and barely informative.

I will be watching and I am sure that TSN will be interested in the viewing numbers!
We should all be watching!!
Hopefully TSN helps with extra financial support for the upcoming CFL season!

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sorry. forgot how exciting the actual action of the draft is :slight_smile:

Much like watching games, it's about knowing in the moment as it's happening
Do you have something better to watch tonight?

many tv shows on dvd. lots of shows on demand. lots of recorded shows on pvr.