Is it uncool to say 'We'

I think we all feel apart of our respective teams.
I paid for tickets long before this crew was even born, and every first down, loss/win, screwy call by the refs, or Grey Cup is an almost personal thang.
There is a battle raging on The Gear Page(USA) over this and I hope for the same here.
MY team is MY team 'til the day I die.
And we are one.

So there.

I don't care if people think it's not right to say WE..

I avoid ‘we’. It feels a bit disrespectful to the players who actually go out and make the plays. Not that I think anyone else who uses ‘we’ is being disrespectful. I understand where they’re coming from. It just feels funny to me. I avoid it, although I catch myself once in a blue moon. I notice right away when I do becuase it feels weird.

That’s just me.

because you are like weird anyhow, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not uncool, but I think it’s kind of weird. I didn’t do any passing, catching, blocking, tackling, whatever, so I don’t feel like I deserve any credit for the win.

Here’s another take on the matter.

I do use we from time to time but more to refer to other fans than to the team directly. If Id say something like "we're a game away from clinching first in the division" I kinda mean it as a short hand version of "we're a game away from having our team clinch first in the division"

When you add an extra “e” and double it along with an “oski”… well then, it’s MORE than acceptable.


WE Ticat types certainly feel this way. :wink:

Id agree with you if you can explain what that cheer means

Well, some think that it originally had to do with getting drunk because one of the original lines was, "Whiskey-waa-waa". That bit may help you... or not. :slight_smile:

So from that can I conclude that Whiskey wee wee is what people do in the bathroom after drinking too much whiskey?

Well thank god they didn’t use the other alternative in the bathroom, Whiskey poop poop. :wink:

I have no problem with fans using "we" when referring to their favourite teams. Yeah the fans aren't out their making plays on the field (unless they're drunk and get past security :wink: ) but they are certainly emotional invested in the team. I think most players would say they would want the fans to feel like part of the team so they are in the stands, cheering up a storm and disrupting the opposition. The only thing I ask is that people be consistent - saying "we" for a win or a loss instead of "we" for wins and "they" for losses.

I quite regularly say 'We' when discussing the Riders. I don't really care if it makes others mad, or if people think I am uncool.

On a related note I went to Turkey about 4 years ago to visit my brother who was working there and he described the difference as "In Canada we say 'I'm a Habs fan' where as Turks say 'I am Galatasaray' (Turkish Soccer team)"
Side note, go Turkey, it is awesome there.

I agree! Fan is a short form of fanatic.